BREAKING! Dalbir Singh Kaur, the Sister of Sarabjit Singh Who Was Brutally Murdered in Pakistan Joins BJP!

Dalbir Singh Kaur, the sister of Sarbjit Singh who died in Pakistan jail in 2013, joined BJP today. In a press conference organized by Punjab BJP Kisan Morcha, Dalbir Singh announced that she will be joining BJP.

Kaur who had struggled for over 8 years to release her brother from Pakistan Jail had grown close to BJP since 2005. Sarbijit Singh was an Indian farmer, who was arrested by the Pakistani army near the Indo-Pakistan border of Kasur. He was falsely charged with spying and conducting terrorist activities in Pakistan. He was even accused of bomb attacks in Lahore and Faisalabad that killed 14 bystanders in 1990.

But Sarbjit had claimed that he was a farmer who accidentally strayed into Pakistan from his village which was in the border, three months after the Lahore bomb blast. After a brief trial in Pakistan court, he was sentenced to death in 1991, but the sentence was repeatedly postponed and dragged up to 2013 for unknown reason. He was badly tortured in jail by police, humiliating him and forcing him to confess for the act he never did.

His sister Dalbir Singh Kaur, relentlessly fought for his release for almost 8 years but unfortunately got no support from the previous Congress government which became a hurdle in the fight. But in April 2013, Sarbjit Singh was attacked by jail inmates where he sustained serious injuries and died six days later in Jinnah Hospital, Lahore. But according to internal sources, Sarbajit Singh was hacked to death on purpose just after 2 months after Afzal Guru was hanged as revenge. The Pakistan which was upset over Afzal Guru hanging is said to have tortured Sarbjit Singh during his last days which lead to his death.

The Pakistanis even claimed that Sarbjit Singh was an Indian Spy working for the Research and Analysis Wing, and entered Pakistan on purpose as an undercover agent. However his family was very simple and lived in Punjab where Sarbjit worked as a small laborer in other’s field.  He was never involved in any activities apart from farming. He is married to Sukhpreet Kaur and has two daughters Swapandeep and Poonam Kaur. His family says that he was fond of wrestling and liked taking care of rare pigeons in the field.

His prosecution is said to have been very controversial, British lawyer, Jas Uppal who was fighting for his release, said that the Pakistan government had serious flaws in the case like:

  1. His identity was never verified or proved in court.
  2. No evidences were produced showing his links with Lahore blasts.
  3. There were allegations that he was tortured in custody and forced to confess.
  4. The main witness repeatedly changed his version of events.
  5. The trial was fast tracked and judgement was given with no proper findings.

Somehow India wasn’t able to save the innocent man who died for no reason in a foreign country.

Aishwarya S