BREAKING! FAKE Currency KINGPIN in Pakistan Commits Suicide After Demonetization!

It is a we’ll known fact that Pakistan has Currency Printing Assets 150% of the capacity it needs. Those assets used by Mafia like Dawood Ibrahim, Terror Organizations like Lashkar and Haqqani. They interchange the fake currency at Dubai or smuggle that into India. According to Reports more than 40000 crores was already pumped into Indian Economy in higher denominations. 

After Nov 8, Announcement of Demonetization these money got wasted and all those Mafias and their money exchange brokers hit very hard. Recent 2 lakh crore declaration under IDS by a Mumbai based Muslim family is also a part of same Nexus and thus, Finance Ministry rejected the declaration and asked to investigate the original source of money. 

Javed Khanani was one of the giants of broker who have been working for Dawood and Lashkar for years. Javed Khanani, a director of Khanani and Kalia International (KKI) money changers, died on Sunday after reportedly falling from an under construction building in Karachi, it has been learnt. 


He died after falling from an under construction building “Saima Towers” in Mohammad Ali Society, in the jurisdiction of Bahadurabad police station, senior police official said.

According to initial information, Javaid Khanai died after falling from 8th floor of the building where he had come on a routine visit, said Additional IG Karachi Mushtaq Maher. “He entangled in electric wires before hitting the ground.”

Pakistan and its establishment is downplaying this News as it will expose the bigger conspiracy and will again shame Pakistan as a Nation. 

Pakistan Police is claiming about suicide which might be the possibility and cause but Javed death might also be a solution to close the Nexus names which might get highlighted if there was any expose. 

Nevertheless It’s a happy news for India and its people. 

Abhishek Kumar