Breaking!!!!! “Gorakhpur is not a picnic spot.” Yogi Adityanath fired the first salvo!!

Congress Vice-president is visiting Gorakhpur today, over a week after more than 60 children died due to a shortage of oxygen and as well as the negligence of hospital authorities of the BRD medical college.

The district Congress unit informed that Rahul Gandhi is coming today to look after the victims. Also, they said, “Rahul Gandhi had scheduled to visit the houses of four families whose children had passed away during the incident. They are Brahma Dev Yadav’s in Bagagada, Nitesh Shukla in Malao, Rama Shankar in Basauli Khurd and Jitendra in Khutahana.

Also, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adithyanath is also visiting Gorakhpur for ‘Swacchata Abhiyana’ initiative at Ramlila Maidan in Andhiyari Bagh.

Yogi v/s Rahul!

Yes! About Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Gorakhpur, Yogi Adityanath fired the first salvo! Yogi has given direct hit back to Rahul Gandhi.

Gorakhpur is not a picnic spot to visit,” Yogi said.

“They will come like a tourist and they will make Gorakhpur, a tourist place. We can’t allow that to happen.“ He said.

Adding to it, “He is a tragedy tourist”, Yogi called.

Is this a picnic or a priority for Rahul Gandhi?” he asked back.

“Prince won’t understand Swachh Bharath.”, Yogi teased him.

Now, this issue is heating up the political criteria in Uttar Pradesh.

He is right!

If Rahul Gandhi wanted to take care of his citizens, he must have been there at the right time of tragedy, not after a week to check the live population!

Rahul Gandhi scheduled his visit all of a sudden, when he had known about the CM’s visit. It’s just his political gimmick to divert Uttar Pradesh away.