Breaking! Hurriyat leaders trail of massive funds from Pakistan ISI to invoke violence in Kashmir!

In a massive expose by Timesnow, the trail of money being sent from Pakistan to Hurriyat leaders in Kashmir has been revealed. The expose shows that how Pakistan ISI is funding massive money to the separatist leaders in Kashmir which is then being distributed to stone pelters and many terrorists working in Kashmir area.

The Timesnow pulled out the documents in which the man Shabir Shah, a famous personality in Kashmir was given over Rs 70 lakhs by the ISI Pakistan to incite violence. The whole money trail starts from Rawalpindi, where the ISI agent Ahmad Sagar (ISI conduit) gets money directly from ISI, the money is then transferred to Shabir Shah, who lives in Kashmir. Shabir Shah has direct links with Pakistan high commissioner Abdul Basit who instructs him when to initiate violence in Kashmir.

So the entire fight for Azadi is being raged by Pakistan by luring huge money to youths of kashmir. The big player here is the money and nothing about Kashmir or AFSPA or anything. Exactly why after demonetization, the violence in Kashmir came to a sudden halt. The terrorists were hit hard and they are constantly indulging in bank robberies to get money.  The complete proof has been put out in the public domain in which shows many politicians have direct links with Shabir Shah. This is a big open secret where many politicians are directly following Pakistan’s directive to break India.

The CPI and CPM have accepted that money is being flown from Pakistan and said it was no big deal. They shamelessly insisted the government to again hold talks with separatists. The same stand is being supported by Congress and National Conference.

Those people who speak about the human rights activists in Kashmir are the ones who are protecting these anti Nationals in the country. They have been pressurizing the government to remove AFSPA projecting it has a threat to common people. The only reason they want special powers to be removed is because they will get free run in the valley and can spew more venom against India.

New Delhi: Pakistani High Commissioner Abdul Basit and Shabir Shah, President of the Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party after a meeting at Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi on Monday. PTI Photo by Atul Yadav(PTI8_18_2014_000156B)

The whole plot involves people from many fields including media, intellectuals, human rights activists who are shielding these separatists and terrorists in the name of freedom of speech. It is very well known how Bakrha Dutt, Arundati Roy, have constantly supported peace talks with separatists. This is only a trick to drag the issue and preventing the government from taking any action against the separatists. It is said that terrorists are being given all facilities like money, weapons and ammunition to attack Indian army.

The money is given to Hurriyat leaders to hold rallies, office maintenance, buy computers, paying media agents and also supply ammunition to terrorists. It is proven that Hurriyat is the Pakistan headquarters working in India to rage war against our Nation.

It is time that the hurriyat and all separatists organisations are banned and the leaders are declared anti Nationals if the government wants to bring peace in Kashmir.

Aishwarya S


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