Breaking India forces come together : Students of TISS Hyderabad glorify and support Maoist terrorists of Bastar

6 April 2010 – a day which brings tears to the eyes of every citizen of India. It was on this very day the Maoist terrorists from the Communist Party of India (Maoist) ambushed the CRPF in Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh, in which 76 brave jawans of the Central Reserve Police Forces (CRPF) were martyred. The attack has been the deadliest attack by the Maoists on police forces in the history of India.

While the entire country was shell-shocked and teary eyed after this dastardly terror attack on brave central police forces by communists, the Jawaharlal Nehru Campus in the national capital of Delhi had altogether different scene. That very night, the leftist students of JNU celebrated, rejoiced and danced…cherishing the “success” of the Maoists. The celebration which started in the evening continued late till night. A few professors of JNU and DU have also been arrested for their links with Maoists. Slogans like Laal Salaam, ‘Bharat tere tukde honge’ etc in favour of Maoist terrorists are common in JNU.

It’s an open secret that the social science departments of universities like JNU, DU, Hyderabad University, Jadavpur University and AMU have long been hijacked by the communists. The faculty members at these universities brainwash the students right from the moment they step into the campus. Those who try to express an alternate view are regularly harassed. The professors deliberately give them poor grades, discriminate against them and bully them to an extent that they are forced to adopt communist ideology. The academic discourse has been hijacked completely by the faculty members and left-wing groups present in the university campuses who threaten any student who has an alternate viewpoint with dire consequences.

The latest entrant in this group is Tata Institute of Social Sciences campus in Hyderabad. Shocking pictures have emerged from the notice-boards of TISS Hyderabad, where the hashtag #InSolidarityWithBastar is doing rounds. Apparently, TISS Hyderabad has organised a program where the Maoists of Bastar are all set to be glorified. As per a student who refused to be named (because of fear of being bullied by Left-wing goons and communist professors of TISS), the program which will be held tomorrow (28 February) will be aimed at abusing the Indian state while supporting the terrorist activities of Maoists in the Bastar, where soldiers of CRPF, state police and other agencies are regularly attacked by these terrorists.

Look at these pamphlets on the notice board of TISS Hyderabad:


This is the condition of universities where, in the name of freedom of speech and academic discourse, terrorists and maoists are supported openly. However, if any student raises his/her voice against the anti-national forces, he/she is bullied by the leftist professors and students. The universities have become dens of maoists who are in collusion with the naxalites fighting the state. Breaking India forces have come together, and it’s time people who love the country and want to protect its unity & integrity stand against these anti-national forces.

(inputs from a student of TISS)