Breaking: India Pulls out of SAARC Summit to be Held in Pakistan!

The PMO has today confirmed that Prime Minister Modi will not attend the SAARC Summit which is to be held in Pakistan. India this time will not be attending the SAARC summit which was also confirmed by the Ministry of External Affairs.

YES…India, Bangladesh and Afghanistan will boycott the SAARC Summit in Pakistan.  Initial reports have said that Bhutan may also follow India in Boycotting SAARC Summit. This comes has a huge blow to Pakistan as major Eastern countries have taken an aggressive stand against Pakistan. This will be an embarrassment for Pakistan on a global platform.

The China today again that it never said it will support Pakistan in Kashmir issue and re-iterated its stand that India and Pakistan have to resolve their issues.

This is the third strike from India after it took up issues to review Indus Water Treaty and MFN status to Pakistan.

Second Strike in Two Days…Will Pakistan loose “MFN Status” Soon??

Earlier in August, Rajnath Singh had snubbed Pakistan and left SAARC  Interior Minister”™s conference after Pak had tried to censor his speech against Terrorism.

How Rajnath Singh exposed Pak on its own soil !!

Now four countries out of eight countries are to boycott SAARC saying that Pakistan”™s endorsement of terrorism is unacceptable.

1,00,000 signatures within 5 days on petition to declare Pakistan “a state sponsoring terrorism”

The wide chorus to declare Pakistan as Terror Country has received huge support from across India and internationally and petitions are being sent both to US government and Indian Government to Unanimously declare  Pakistan a Terror State!!!

Aishwarya S