Breaking! Iran Parliament Attacked : Has Pakistan hit a final nail for its destruction ?

Attack, Bomb Blast … Terror this is like routine activity happening across the world but One Rogue Nation in South Asia which is now clearly identified as Root Of All Terror Problem is Pakistan.

Pakistan is one Nation which was created by West to act as a buffer strategic state against USSR. It is surrounded by India, Afghanistan and Iran. Pakistan is the one Nation which after getting Independence attacked Baloch which was then Independent Nation with Democratic Structure of Governance. Today Baluchistan is 40% of Pakistan. Pakistan had also captured some parts of Afghanistan and Occupied Kashmir forcefully despite Raja Hari Singh permits the State of Jammu and Kashmir to be a part of India post 1947.

Today Iran Parliament has been attacked by 8 Gunmens and Several Hostages have been taken by Terrorist.

GUNMEN have reportedly opened fire inside Iran’s parliament building and a suicide bomber struck the mausoleum of Ayatollah Khomeini. The attacks are ongoing.

Early reports from Iranian media are conflicting, but initial reports indicate at least eight people have been injured inside the parliament and one security guard killed.

Iran’s Tasnim news agency reports hostages have been taken and the standoff continues, with special forces rushing to the building.

Attackers at the mausoleum to Tehran’s south appear to have targeted pilgrims, with one detonating a bomb while others opened fire.

Just week back Afghanistan was brutally attacked by Terrorist of Haqqani Network funded by Pakistan Intelligence Agency ISI. That attack leads to more than 100 death and Now Afghanistan had clear Hard evidence proving involvement of Pakistan.

It is initial suspicion that Pakistan is also involved in Iran attack and the arms used as  cites senior MP Elyas Hazrati as saying three assailants attacked the parliament, carrying two Kalashnikov rifles and a handgun.

There are also reports of second attack in Iran. Reports of a second attack focus on one of Iran’s cultural icons, the mausoleum of founder Ayatollah Khomeini. Initial reports suggest one was a female suicide bomber.

Fars news agency states there were four attackers at the shrine, with three shooting into the crowd of pilgrims gathered there as the third blew himself up outside a police facility.


One thing is sure, If a slightest of doubts goes in the direction of Pakistan, which already is going towards them as Iran Day before Yesterday attacked Pakistan from mortar in order to stop Terrorist infiltrating Iranian Borders.

It will invite Doomsday for Pakistan as all three nations are literally disgusted with a fact that Pakistan is now a Uncontrollable Terrorist Nation which must be stopped.

Abhishek Kumar