Breaking! JNU student Najeeb Ahmad who went missing wanted to join ISIS?

Few months back, a student from JNU Najeeb Ahmad went missing from his hostel. After few days, the left parties and the Congress started a new drama saying that he was threatened by ABVP and therefore he was in hiding. Some politicians like Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi even went to the extent of saying that ABVP had kidnapped the student.

A police complaint was filed in Delhi after the boy went missing, but according to the latest reports the police have found evidences that Najeeb Ahmad wanted to join ISIS and was looking for details and visited many places to join the terror group. The reports have revealed the browsing history of Najeeb, that shows that he was collecting information about the ideology, network and executions of the Islamic State from Google and Youtube before his disappearance. According to media reports, the search history of the missing JNU student also included ways in which one could join the IS and his most viewed videos on Youtube were all related to the Islamic State. This news was first reported by Times of India.

The police have collected all details about his connections and what exactly happened when he got into fight with an ABVP member. According to the Delhi Police, on October 14, Najeeb before getting into a fight with the members of ABVP, he was watching a video speech of an IS leader. A day after his fight, he went missing before being caught boarding an auto rickshaw on CCTV.

The police who got lot of medications in his room, gathered information about his medical history and found that he was suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder since 2012 and was prescribed Flunil (20mg) to treat depression and OCD and Zolfresh (5mg) was prescribed to induce sleep. He was also prescribed with Lonazep by the doctors to treat fits, panic attacks and agoraphobia.

The counter intelligence agency is said to be helping the Delhi police in the investigation. However, the Delhi police did not reveal any information regarding Najeeb Ahmad and his links with ISIS and said that the investigation is under progress and evidence needs to be collected.

This is a slap in the face of the all the pseudo liberals in the media and the student wing of the left parties which claimed that Najeeb Ahmad was kidnapped by ABVP students. The Delhi High court has also ordered lie detector tests on Najeeb Ahmad after the statements made by his friends were found to be false.

The real face of leftist ideology and JNU is now getting exposed. While some students chant Pakistan Zindabad slogans, some are ready to join the ISIS terror camp. These fake liberals should stop ranting against ABVP and go search for their friend in some ISIS terror camp! What a shame in Capital!

These people should be shown no mercy and all those who supported these people should also be treated like terrorists. They should be denied all facilities in India, their citizenship MUST be cancelled immediately for supporting terror activities. There cannot be a bigger threat to country when students are brain washed and inducted into terror groups.


Aishwarya S