Breaking!!! Karnataka Minister DK Shivakumar will get arrested soon? Why Sonia Gandhi is silent on Rs 5 crores found at his home?

Congress is back to its highly successful tactic. Now that the Karnataka Energy Minister is caught red handed, Congress has only one way and that is to blame PM Modi and disrupt the society by pelting stones at the government offices.

Today, DK Shivakumar’s residency was raided and crores of cash was recovered. It was said that these cash was accumulated with the purpose to distribute it among the 44 Gujarat MLAs. Congress top leaders soon realised that this would prove deadly to them so they took up this issue and Mr Kharge started to cry with full force that this was “Vendetta Politics”.

It is “Vendetta Politics”: Ohhh really? What about Rs.5 crores that was seized?

Now, Congress supporters are shocked as they don’t want to see their leader to permanently go behind the bars. They can’t even bribe the IT officials which they had done for several decades. PM Modi won’t even care if the opposition shout as Vendetta politics.

So the only way is to disrupt the public life. That is why, the Congress party has sent out its workers on street. Today these workers were seen pelting stones at the Income Tax office.

Why Congress has shut its mouth about the money seized?

Why hasn’t Congress denied about the Rs.5 crores confiscated? Yes, this is the point and Congress doesn’t have an answer for this. They won’t justify this because the cash was accumulated by DK Shivakumar with the intension to distribute with the MLAs of Gujarat. What Sonia Gandhi taught was that, Karnataka is safe for its MLAs as it is ruled by Congress CM. But the IT officials surprised and shocked them by raiding with the help of CRPF soldiers. Yes, the IT department didn’t even use the local police as there was a chance that the raid information would leak to Congress leaders.

Will DK Shivakumar get arrested?

Now, even proofs on camera has emerged that the cash was found in the house in DK Shivakumar’s house. Now Republic TV said that there are high chances that DK Shivakumar would get arrested. Yes, he was even found tearing apart the documents when the IT officials raided his house.

Is it the end of Sonia Gandhi?

Even though Karnataka Congress was exposed in several scams, CM Siddaramayya was successful enough to hold his vote base. But now the top leader of Karnataka who was even considered as the future CM candidate has been caught red handed. Now this is a big concern for Sonia Gandhi. Next year, Karnataka will be out on elections and Congress has shown clear signs that it will lose badly. Does Congress have any moral right to ask for votes with the public after getting exposed so badly?

Nishika Ram