Breaking : Kejriwal and his brother-in-law to be investigated by ACB for involvement in massive PWD scam

The veil on the face of “the most honest” politician keeps coming off with every passing day. While the entire nation was busy covering the elections in five states in February and March, Delhi Police was investigating into a mega corruption scam in the Public Works Department (PWD) of Delhi government. It appears that the kingpin of the corruption was none other than Mr. Honesty himself. Yes, Arvind Kejriwal’s role in the PWD scam in Delhi has been found by the Delhi Police Economic Offense Wing (EOW). Not only Arvind Kejriwal, the scam involves his brother-in-law Surendra Bansal and a govt official close to Kejriwal.

Surendra Bansal, the brother-in-law of Arvind Kewjriwal, is the head of a construction company and many construction contracts of Delhi government were illegally awarded to Bansal. Rules were flouted and contracts awarded. Bansal operated through several dummy firms to obtain the government contracts in connivance with several senior PWD officials. These contracts never got executed whereas shockingly all the payments were cleared under the pressure from Kejriwal. The scam is worth more than Rs 10 crore.

A status report has been filed by the Delhi Police based on a plea filed by the founder of Roads Anti-Corruption Organisation (RACO) in which Arvind Kejriwal, Surendra Bansal and the government official were accused of corruption. The plea had asked that FIR be lodged against them for offences including cheating, forgery and criminal conspiracy under the IPC. The plea filed against Kejriiwal has alleged “deep-rooted corruption” and said the documents showed no material was actually purchased for executing the projects.

The court had asked Delhi Police to to file a status report against Kejriwal, his brother-in-law Surender Bansal, proprietor of a construction firm, and a public servant for alleged irregularities in grant of the contracts for the roads and the sewer lines in the city. The police report said that during the course of enquiry, notices were served to Bansal and two others – Kamal Singh and Pawan Kumar – for want of information/documents and they have joined the enquiry.

Now the news is coming that Anti-Corruption Bureau has taken over the case and is going to investigate the corruption cases which directly involves Arvind Kerjiwal. So, the argument that Arvind Kejriwal is personally honest no longer holds true. May be this is the reason why Arvind Kejriwal so desperately wanted to keep the ACB with him. Arvind Kejriwal, who rose to fame by campaigning against corruption and nepotism, is himself deep down inside corruption and nepotism. “Krantikaari, bahut hi krantikaari !

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Kshitij Mohan