BREAKING! Kejriwal Selling Tickets for 1 Crore in Punjab?

Dr. Vinod Kumar, the AAP candidate from a border constituency of Bhoa today gave a statement in a press conference that Kejriwal had asked him to pay Rs 1 crore as party fund after he was declared the candidate for Bhoa constituency.

Vinod Kumar who is AAP’s candidate from Bhoa said he was called by the Punjab state chief Sanjay Singh and Durgesh Pathak to the party office in Chandigarh said that he needs to deposit Rs 1 crore for the party. Vinod Kumar asked them to connect him with Kejriwal and complained that Sanjay Singh was demanding money, to which Kejriwal replied that he should follow whatever Sanjay Singh tells and told that it’s a high tech poll and we need money.

Vinod Kumar’s allegation cannot be neglected as he made the claim after he was announced as the party’s candidate. Vinod Kumar who was a journalist and registered medical practitioner before he could join politics said the party gave him clear instructions that he needs to deposit 1 crore and it will be spent for his election campaign and if he cannot do so, the party will pay him Rs 30 lakhs to hold a press conference to announce the withdrawal of his candidature. He said he comes from the border area of Pathankot, its tradition for many people to fight enemies but we do not have so much money to pay for the party.

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