BREAKING : The legacy of scam continues as Lalu Yadav’s sons and their land scam are exposed !

The entire country knows that Lalu Yadav is among one of the most corrupt politicians in the country. He has been convicted by the court in fodder scam, where Rs 940 crore funds for the fodder of cattle was embezzled by Lalu Yadav. Due to his conviction, Lalu Yadav cannot even contest elections. Now, the land scams worth crores of rupees by his sons have to light. A 2 acre piece of land on the outskirts of Patna, having market worth of more than Rs 30 crore, is owned by the sons of Lalu Yadav. It has come to light that the land was illegally transferred to them.

Documents accessed have exposed how the land worth Rs 30 crore was transferred illicitly to the Yadavs. Lalu’s sons have recently leased the land to a real estate developer. However, the story does not end here. After leasing the illegally acquired land to builders, the soil from the same plot has been sold to the Patna zoo, which is governed by the Forest Department, which in turn reports to Lalu’s son Tej Pratap Yadav who is the minister.

As per a report in NDTV, the land was sold IN 2008 to Sarala Gupta, whose husband Prem Gupta is an MP from Lalu’s party. She owned a company called Delight Marketing Private Limited. The sellers of the land were three brothers, Harsh, Vinay and Vijay Kochhar, who own Chanakya Hotel. The sale took place two months before Chanakya won the contract to run two hotels for the railways in Ranchi and Puri. At the time, Lalu was Railways Minister in the UPA government.

In 2014, Tej Pratap Yadav, Tejashwi Yadav and their sister Chanda Yadav were added as Directors of this company. Then, this company merged with another to add Rabri Devi as a Director, and in February this year, another merger resulted in yet another company that has only Rabri Devi and her sons as directors. Each of these companies was registered at the same address.

The fact is that Patna zoo has bought soil worth Rs 44 lakh from the land belonging to Tej Pratap Yadav, completing flouting the rules. No bids were invited and no tender was issued to purchase the soil for roads that are being built by the forest department inside the zoo premise. The legacy of scams in the Yadav dynasty continue in full swing !

Kshitij Mohan