Breaking! Lt. Col Purohit letters hid by former PM Manmohan Singh and Congress revealed!

There are no words to describe what Col. Purohit had to face in jail after he was arrested in the Malegaon Blast in 2008. Col Purohit who was a serving army officer was accused in the Malegaon Blast by the Maharashtra ATS 9 years back. But his arrest apparently was a politically motivated move by the then Congress government.

The main reason being to propagate the Hindu terror narrative in the country. Col Purohit,  Sadhvi Pragya and three others were arrested alleging that they were involved in planting bombs in a motorcycle which lead to Malegaon blast.

Col Purohit and Sadhvi Pragya are said to have undergone the worst torture ever in the jail to an extent that Sadhvi Pragya’s legs were paralysed. It was the same case with Col. Purohit who was given third degree torture by the police and the ATS. Colonel Rajiv K. Srivastav is said to have played a crucial role in abducting Col Purohit by lying that he had orders from the Army headquarters to take Col Purohit to Delhi and had taken him to an undisclosed location where he is said to have tortured Purohit brutally.

Purohit had written number of letters to the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and President Pranab Mukherjee requesting them to give him access to documents related to his covert operation which was in the defence ministry. He had also written many letters revealing the third degree torture which he underwent in the hands of police and Col K Srivatsav.

But the UPA government until 2014 had hidden the documents and ignored his letters. It was after Modi government came to power, Col. Purohit was given the documents related to his covert operations and posting which helped him to get bail in Malegaon blast case.

The letters have now been accessed by the Republic TV for the very first time which reveals shocking information about his state in jail.

The letter written to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh highlights:
  • Leaders of all political parties have given selective and sporadic statements in the matter
  • Army has been systematically tarnished in the matter
  • When a senior cabinet minister makes such statement, it is never without any aim
  • Twisted facts are no doubt aimed at provoking the society
  • Since being at the receiving end for close to 5 years, it was difficult for me to restrict analysing my own case in isolation’
  • The turmoil through which I am being made to go through seems to be an integral part of every nationalist and patriot
  • It only pains to see & experience when one is hounded by one’s own blood
  • Hope spirit of the contents shall be considered with due importance and needful actions


Letter to former President Pranam Mukherjee
  • No other viable option but to appeal to you about the grave injustice which is continuing since past 5 years 5 months
  • I am under arrest for 5 years 5 months without any relief and liberty for no crime of mine
  • I was tortured in the most inhuman and cruel manner. Same fate continued while I was in police custody of ATS
  • ATS police officers have tortured me as if I was a spy of the hostile and enemy nation
  • Pulling my hair from my chest & private parts, slapping, boxing with fists, filthiest possible abuses and in handcuffed state was my existence
  • With ropes tied around my ankles, my legs were pulled apart in sitting state
  • I was tied by my wrists to a pole with ankles tied with rope
  • All these acts of torture to an army officer have taken place in our own country
  • My arrest was on November 5, 2008. but the stage was set meticulously by the ATS much before that
  • Two days before my arrest, an ATS officer was caught red handed in the house of Sudhakar Chaturvedi tampering and planting evidence
  • ATS arrested 9 Muslim youth in connection with Malegaon 2006 blast case
  • My entire intelligence network has been used against me by these investigators
  • Entire country, across the political parties, united in support of Indian diplomat in US
  • What about innocents like us who remain, victims of illegalities of absurd limits conducted by own agencies
  • What remains absent is the will of someone or anyone who would call spade a spade’


Letters Credit: Republic TV!

Aishwarya S