Breaking! Major Nitin Gogoi, officer who tied stone pelter to jeep honoured by commendation card!

In a welcome step, the government and the Indian army has honoured the Army officer who tied stone pelter to the jeep to rein in stone pelters in Kashmir with a commendation card.

Earlier the government had applauded the decision of the officer who brought violence under control without much efforts and with no bullets being fired. Now the army has decided to award him with commendation card, which is given to appreciate the efforts of men who take brave decisions.

It is indeed a commendable decision by the army and government to show that India stands firm with the soldiers. The anti National lobby has been ranting nonsense since the time the decision was announced. There has been continuous efforts to invoke violence in Kashmir from the Separatists group by paying huge amount to people.

The decision to back the army has given them a major booster and free hand to take right decision when required against terrorists!

Aishwarya S


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