BREAKING! Man throws shoe at Arvind Kejriwal, but Kejriwal abuses Modi for the incident!

Seems like Arvind Kejriwal cannot stay without media attention. Kejriwal who had visited Haryana today to attend a rally against demonetization started ranting against Modi.

During the speech, a man started shouting slogans against Kejriwal for mis-leading people and threw a shoe at him which missed Kejriwal and hit the edge of the dias. Kejriwal party workers immediately pounded on the man and thrashed him creating a panic situation.

But Kejriwal started his usual rhetoric and blamed Modi for the incident. He shamelessly against used abusive words against the Prime Minister and called him coward.

Kejriwal in the rally said “I have again and again said that Modi is a coward and he sends people to attack me, he has no guts to face me directly.” But what made Kejriwal lose his temper was many people were chanting slogans against Kejriwal and there was huge confusion in the crowd.

Kejriwal’ loose talk is only proving that he is desperate and wants to rack some issue to attack Modi repeatedly and malign him. But the fact is Kejriwal has lost credibility and trust of the people the day he started speaking against India and supported corruption. His agenda in politics is now clear that he only wants to create chaos and disrupt the economy and internal democracy with lies and fake stories.

The biggest question is why does such incidents happen only to Kejriwal….are they real or orchestrated by Kejriwal himself to gain media attention?? The country very well knows that Kejriwal is nothing more than a marketing manager!!

Aishwarya S