Breaking! Did Mehbooba led PDP betray BJP in the Valley? Read to know who are associated with Pak supporters

Today the Indian security forces had given a severe blow to the separatists (Terrorists) by conducting a series of raids. Cash worth Rs 1.15 crores had been seized along with laptops and other crucial documents also.

GD Bakshi said that terrorists are reduced significantly in Kashmir. Few years ago they were in thousands but now reduced to few hundreds.  But ISI has been successful in systematically showing the world that there is uprising in the Kashmir. But all know that these uprisings are Pak funded.

Lt Gen Shankar Prasad “These raids should have been done one year ago, but why is it so delayed?”. He also said that PDP has shown some lenience towards acting against the separatists.

Mustak Chaya was the big catch in today’s raids, his house was raided. It is believed that he is the one who distributed the money to the stone pelters and other major Anti-Indian activities. He had Hawala links too. Hawala transactions routed through New Delhi and these funds were used to create unrest in the Kashmir valley. Today the backbone of the separatists is totally broken.

Did PDP joins hands with separatists?

It was shocking that couple of day ago Mustak Chaya was seen with top PDP ministers.

Now Mehbooba Mufti Sayeed needs to give clarifications. Her ministers were seen with the kingpin who worked to fund stone pelters. It must be noted that even Mehbooba led PDP supported BJP’s several moves to go tough on the separatists. But the PDP’s ministers were seen together with Mustak Chaya. So this tells something else. Did they join hands with the separatists and try to spoil the peace in the Kashmir Valley?

Well, NIA has raided voraciously on many key suspects and the truth will be out soon. It is sure that the terror activities will soon halt if this kind of raids continue in the valley in the next few months.

Rajat Bhandary