Breaking News!!! Riots Begin in Gujarat, Mob attacked on Hindus during Ganesh Pooja!

It seems Pseudo Secular forces are hell bent to create a vicious atmosphere in rather a peaceful state of Gujrat. As per few reports, several vehicles were charred and some shops were destroyed as Religious Riots broke out between Hindus and Muslims in the sensitive Mandvi area of Gujarat, last night.

There have been several incidents of stone pelting and Rioting in Mandvi area of Vadodara city after stone pelting on 32 ft. high Ganesh idol during Hindu religious procession. Mandvi is a Muslim dominated area and it is the same area where several years ago Al Qaeda Chief Bin Laden’s posters were showcased.

As per reports over dozens of Shops were looted, more than 15 Vehicles were set on Fire. It was followed by a Kashmir styled Stone Pelting. Police had to use multiple Tear Gas bombs to control the fanatic Jihadi Crowd.

This is also seen as an outbreak of violent celebration post congress party’s Gujrati Muslim Leader Ahmed Patel’s Victory in Rajya Sabha. The rioting broke out near Mandvi crossroads during Ganpati procession. Sources said that thousands of people had gathered at Mandvi when organizers of a Ganesh pandal were taking out procession to install the idol in the Walled City area. However the exact reason of rioting between the two groups is still unknown until midnight.

However as per local Media groups, a group of Hindu youth from the Pratap Madgha Pole were carrying procession of idol of Lord Ganesha, bringing it from Ajwa gate to Mandvi gate. While they arrived at Pani Gate, the idol was pelted with stones by unknown people. Even till then things were under control but it went out of control once some unknown miscreants threw water bottles on a Religious shrine which lead to the stone pelting on the idol. Therefore the incident turned into communal riot Between Hindus and Muslims

Within minutes, the clashes spiraled into rioting as mobs started attacking two-wheelers parked on the road and burnt several of them. Police sources said that the rioters had also resorted to stone pelting. Police had to fire tear-gas shells to disperse the rampaging mobs.

Later the incident grew into a big clash between the groups at Pani Gate which forced the Vadodara police to rush to the spot fired 15 rounds of tear gas shells. The highly aggressive mob had also set ablaze and damaged some vehicles too.

Police tried to pacify the mob and even fire some shots in the air to scare the rioting mob. It is believed that the entire disturbance might have happened because of songs being played by a DJ.

Large number of policemen were deployed in the area to bring the situation under control. The city has witnessed several incidents of rioting during Ganesh Chaturthi but mostly on the day of final procession.

Manish Sharma