Breaking!!! Notorious BRD hospital’s Doctors fight in operation theater! Read what’s making the news now!

As many as 42 children died again in last 48 hours in notorious Gorakhpur’s BRD Medical
college, which is already a responsible for deaths of over 70 infants in a week in the month of July.

The sources said, “42 children died in 48 hours of which seven due to encephalitis, rest due to other reasons.”

Reports revealed notorious facility of the hospital, which is providing one bed for three infants even-though the UP government funded for new beds and new rooms.

Last month, there were nearly 70 deaths of infants in a span of one week due to a shortage of oxygen. The negligence of the hospital’s authority was the sole responsibility for those deaths and it was confirmed by the police.

The CM of UP, Yogi Adityanath had taken strict action and expelled two officials out of the hospital. The FIR states that the breach in fulfilling the responsibility of supplying oxygen on the part of the Pushpa Sales comes under the section of criminal negligence, as they were informed of the depleting stock of liquid oxygen by the B.R.D Medical college staff.

Dr. K.K. Gupta, Director General, Medical Education registered the FIR under the orders of Uttar Pradesh government at the Hazratganj Police Station, Lucknow on August 23.

Blames on Yogi Adityanath!!

Again, the opposition parties are blaming the CM again! Further, it would be a big tragedy in Gorakhpur’s history as well.

At first, the hospital authorities blamed Yogi Adithyanath as he was the only person left to being blamed! Later, the negligence of the authorities came to light.