BREAKING : PM Modi makes the boldest ever speech – openly opposes Triple Talaq, says determined to give respectable life to Muslim women

In what may send shockwaves across political circles and various Islamic groups across the country, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi made an extremely bold, direct and unveiled attack on the practice of Triple Talaq.

Addressing a rally in Mahoba (Bundelkhand, UP), Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that just like the problem of female infanticide is one of the worst crimes against females, the practice of Triple Talaq is no less a crime. He said that without any fault of the Muslim women, their lives are destroyed and are rendered without any support just because someone utters the word ‘Talaq’ three times. He added, “Irrespective of whether a woman is a Hindu or Muslim, she has right to dignity, respect and respectable living conditions. No one can play destroy the life of a woman just because she belongs to one religion.”

Prime Minister Shri Modi further added that he is determined to provide a respectable life to all the women in the country, irrespective of their affiliation. He said that the stand of government is extremely clear and is against the practice of Triple Talaq, which is nothing but an evil practice. PM said that he is pained by the stories of many Muslim women, who have appealed to him to end the practice of Triple talaq and provide them a dignified life. PM Modi also appealed to the media person not to give the issue a ‘political’ or ‘communal’ colour to the issue as it is an issue of equal rights and a much needed step towards free, liberal and progressive society with equal right to every woman.

The PM also called all the media houses, intellectuals and activists to fight the evil practice and debate on the issue in a constructive way, and not let the debate get hijacked by people who have vested political and self interests in the issue. The PM said that the debates must be conducted by people who are scholars in the field of Islamic studies and not by people with vested religious or political interests.

This is one of the boldest statements that any PM of independent India has ever made. This is a signal that achhe din for Muslim women who are oppressed and denied basic marital rights have arrived. The PM deserves a standing ovation for this strong signal to all the religious bigots and shrewd politicians who have politicised this issue since last six decades.

Kshitij Mohan