BREAKING! Is PM Narendra Modi Planing for Another Big Announcement on January 2nd??

Economic Times released a story that BJP cadres have given a hint that PM Modi will make another big announcement on January 2nd. But unlike his last address on television, his announcement will be held at a Lucknow rally in the poll bound state of Uttar Pradesh this time.

After Narendra Modi made the demonetization announcement on November 8th, the entire country went into shock. Although people welcomed the move, many feared the drastic change in society. This became a historic day in terms of biggest black money hunt ever. The demonetization news which has still not stopped making headlines even after 2 months was something which people never expected. Now many corrupts definitely fear whenever Modi stands in front of mike for announcement.

According to senior BJP leaders in the party, Prime Minister has something in mind which is mostly a major change in policy decision and is sure to grab the headlines. Modi who had asked for 50 day period after demonetization in his Goa rally recently, may have something good for the citizens. BJP leaders said that they are expecting massive crowd on January 2nd. The party’s 1.38 lakh booth committees, each of which may have up to 20 cadres are working on gathering more people.

The party people are instructed to be present in the rally and bring small groups of people so as to ensure more people participation in the event. Amit Shah is said to be holdings various meetings with booth level workers planning for the big show. The poll machinery in BJP has been activated and various new strategies have been planned to attract people with new digitalization plans and new schemes.

Booth level workers have been instructed to connect to the people of most isolated villages and link them with digital technology. The main aim of BJP now is to push the digitalization into the system, so people are directly benefited with various government schemes. The BJP is mainly focusing on marketing developmental schemes like LPG, Farmer insurance, Electrification, housing which were started by PM Modi. It is also said that E-Mandis, crop insurance has been greatly successful in villages and BJP plans to capitalize the success. The LPG scheme and rural electrification is said to have changed thousands of lives and has been a game changer especially in Uttar Pradesh.

The BJP has also started a new strategy of drop boxes where the voters can now send letters to the BJP explaining their expectations of the next government. There are around 15,000 locations identified and BJP plans to seek voters feedback from all places which will help them to prepare the manifesto for the UP elections.

Aishwarya S