Breaking! Rahul Gandhi arrested by police in Madhya Pradesh

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi has been arrested by the MP police under section 151. Rahul Gandhi arrived  Udaipur this morning. He was taken into preventive custody a short while ago. Gandhi was arrested later in Neemuch in Madhya Pradesh. Sachin Pilot from the Congress party has also been arrested. Both of them are considered to be senior leaders in the party.

Gandhi had planned a photo-op visit to Mandsaur in Madhya Pradesh. Gandhi even misbehaved with a policeman after his vehicle was stopped. Gandhi Dynasty’s lapdog Digvijay Singh also accompanied Rahul Gandhi. Section 151 is the section under which Rahul Gandhi has been booked under.

There were around 100 people with Rahul Gandhi. As per the Indian Penal code section 151, whoever knows or joins or continues in any assembly of 5 or more persons likely to cause a disturbance of the public peace, after such assembly has been lawfully commanded to disperse, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to six months, or a fine, or both.

Gandhi had earlier alleged that the Central Government was working only for the richest people in India. He accused the Modi Government of not working for the poor & in interests of the farmer. He said “Kisan ko sirf goli de sakte ho.”

Appreciate the person who has scripted the write-up.

Source: Republic

– by Alok Shetty