Breaking : Rahul Gandhi makes baseless allegations in a public rally; may land in legal problems

In a rally in Gujarat’s Mehsana, Congress prince Rahul Gandhi alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had received bribes from Aditya Birla group when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat in 2012. He also alleged that Income Tax was not taking any action on PM Modi due to fear. The congress prince was referring to the same “proof” which Arvind Kejriwal had also used while levelling the allegations of graft on PM Modi in November. However, it is significant that the Supreme Court had already called those papers fictitious and not authentic, and had said it cannot order an investigation based on that.

The Supreme Court had said that aspersions cannot be cast on the Prime Minister of the country when there was no substantial proof. The Supreme Court slammed Prashant Bhushan for not presenting any substantial and credible proof while levelling charges of corruption on PM Modi. In an earlier judgement in November, the SC had said that the hawala papers presented by Prashant Bhushan is “fictitious” and “not authentic

Supreme Court had given time till 14 December to Prashant Bhushan and asked him to present any authentic evidence of corruption charges against the Prime Minister, which he failed to do. “You are simply casting aspersions on people…It becomes difficult to function when such aspersions are made against a constitutional functionary . Bring any material which would convince us,” the Supreme Court said. It categorically stated that an investigation against the Prime Minister cannot be ordered when there is no smallest credible evidence available. The SC said that hawala papers are fake, fictitious and not authentic , and hence, no investigation can be ordered based on such papers.

We had told you to give us even the smallest credible evidence and had assured you that we would hear your plea.But you have not filed anything. You are just talking about the conversation and statements of hawala dealers.How would a high constitutional authority function and discharge duty if such allegations are made. Do you think it is easy for them to bear? Today, you are talking about hawala dealers. How can such hawala papers be authentic ?” the bench said. The SC further added, “Phone calls or email records where people talk about hawala transactions cannot be credible. You must bring clear material.

With Rahul Gandhi making an allegation based on the documents which Supreme Court has already called “bogus” and “not authentic”, it may just be a matter of time when a defamation case is filed on Rahul Gandhi for making baseless allegations on the Prime Minister of the country. It seems Rahul Gandhi has taken these desperate steps to divert the attention of the country from AgustaWestland scams and other scams where high profile arrests have been made and the connection of Congress leaders are being exposed.

Kshitij Mohan