Breaking! Rattled Pakistan on War Mode

Pakistan is rattled with India’s recent response at the Naushera posts. India decimated Pakistani Posts yesterday, while releasing a video footage of the same. Pakistani panellists on Arnab’s debate were in denial mode, unable to digest the fact that they had been hit hard. PM Modi has made it clear that India will not be not go soft on its neighbours if they continue with their terror operations.

The Pakistani Army is the only army that openly operates with terrorists. Even when the surgical strikes were conducted last year, 9 Pakistani army men were killed. This was on record. The number could have been more. The surgical strikes which were conducted on the highest level, was an attack on Pakistani forces (since terror is synonymous with their army).

India has made it clear that it will not be intimated by a rattled Pakistan. They will be given a reminder of what happened in the past if needed.

Pakistan Jet Fighters have landed near Siachen Glacier. Pakistani PM Nawaz Shariff was recently snubbed at the anti-terror summit, Riyadh. Sharif was not even allowed to speak, even as leaders from lesser known countries were allowed to make their point. US President Donald Trump also attended the anti-terror summit in Riyadh. He took a jibe at Pakistan by not mentioning it’s name in his address. He made it clear that the US, India & Russia were victims of terror.

But Pakistan is not willing to learn. They must keep in mind that China cannot save them forever. The US has already spoken out against Pakistan’s state sponsored terrorism. Pakistan cannot take on PM Modi & NSA Ajit Doval. Let Them just look back at the Surgical strikes. Pakistan may pretend to be in denial mode, but they do understand the Might of the Indian Army and leadership at the centre.  If they even try to create a mess, they will be given a hammering. They won’t be able to get up after that, but since we have enough faith in the Indian army, let’s wait for the real heroes to strike.

Alok Shetty


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