Breaking! RSS worker dies mysterious death in police custody in Kerala.

The atrocities against Hindus in the state of Kerala have never gained media attention. The BJP has called for a hartal in Kasargod today after the inexplicable death of a Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) associated Bharatiya Mazdoor Singh (BMS) worker. The worker was allegedly arrested for drinking alcohol in public after which the news of his death emerged today, in Police Custody.

Reports suggest that his name was Sandeep. The police said that Sandeep felt dizzy after being arrested & was admitted to a nearby hospital. A police official added – “A BMS activist was arrested with four others after reports were filed against them for drinking alcohol in a public place. Sandeep felt uneasiness & the police took him to a hospital that was close by. He died there.”

The family of Sandeep have alleged that Sandeep died due to police torture. The police have transferred the station sub-inspector after Sandeep’s death. The BJP’s call for hartal comes two days after the party had protested against the excessive use of force against Jishnu Prannoy’s mother, by the Kerala police. Jishnu prannoy was an engineering student who died after being allegedly tortured by college authorities.

Several RSS workers have been killed in recent times in Kerala. The prevailing Law & Order is at an all time low under CM Pinarayi Vijayan’s Rule. The state government has been facing criticism but no one has dared to ask them tough questions directly. There have been repeated instances of police insensitivities, but the Kerala government is shunning responsibility.

Tony Joseph