Breaking! Shahid Afridi wants to play cricket in India, claims not friends with Gautam Gambhir

The Pakistani cricketers for long have been desperate to play in the IPL. Ever-16 cricketer Shahid Afridi has expressed his disappointment for not being able to participate in the league. Afridi also took a jibe at former Indian opener Gambhir and said that he was not in friendly terms with Gambhir.

India & pakistan will clash in next month’s champions trophy. It’s been a year since afridi played international cricket & he believes that it is too late for him to ask for a farewell game. Afridi in a recent live-video session was seen answering questions from his fans & followers.

Afridi was initially a part of the IPL. He represented the deccan chargers in the first two seasons of the IPL. Pakistani cricketers & celebrities are not ready to condemn the terror attacks in India. All they want is money. Terror may have a religion but money definitely doesn’t have a religion. Gambhir had the courage to speak up against the Jihadis.

Maybe, this did not go down well with the Pakistani cricket team. After all, most of the Jihadis belong to Pakistan. We cannot ignore the fact that former Pakistani Cricketer Javed Miandad is directly related to India’s most wanted terrorist Dawood Ibrahim. Dawood’s daughter Mahrukh Ibrahim married Javed Miandad’s son Junaid in 2006.

Afridi in the past had also explained the reason for wanting to be a part of the IPL. He said that Pakistani players wanted to improve. They don’t need to improve actually. They’re very good at fixing and very bad at accepting defeat. Gautam gambhir wouldn’t be bothered about what Afridi is saying, but we would love to reply. Mr Afridi, you can’t make it to any IPL team unless you stop the mess. You are a terror loving nation and you can be happy with fantasy leagues on the net. We’re not interested.

Tony Joseph