Political Science books would be re-written! Trump has won!

Libtards and terrorist sympathizers from around the world just got a punch on their face. Americans have voted for change. The mainstream media, terrorist supporters and corporate lobbyists have lost their best and probably the biggest bet ever.

Donald Trump is all set to become 45th American president. Political science books would be rewritten. At Trump Headquarters, his supporters are chanting- “Lock her up.”

Trump won the state of- WY, MT, ND, AK, SD, NH, ID, WV, NE, KS, MS, AR, IA, UT, OK, KY, LA, AL, SC, WI, MO, AZ, TN, IN, MI, OH, PA, FL, TX, NC,  and GA. If you are looking for stats, Trump is on 266, while Hillary is on 218 while writing this report.

Hillary and her campaign showed hesitation to accept the results and declined to make any comments before all the stats are out. She called to congratulate Trump and he thanked her. Trump also said during his speech that he will work for everyone and will work towards renewing American dream!

All exit polls were wrong. It seems that some people were really angry about the way Washington works. Tens of millions of Americans rebuked a decayed establishment.

Trump’s campaign was tagged as cruel, ruthless, and personal war. Supporters wish to get even with lobbyists. They wanted to show their revolt against politicians sitting in Washington, Wall Street, and also those companies who outsource American jobs elsewhere. Voters decided to choose Trump because they want their America back.

Now, one of the most important challenges that President Trump would face is getting more of loyal Republicans to work with him by his side. During the next few days, people around the world will keep their eyes on the White House’s new foreign policy, trade policy, and of course, the way America deals with Islamic terrorism.

Nitten Gokhaley


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