Breaking! Watch, Congress MLA caught on tape inciting mob to set police station on fire in Madhya Pradesh

The Congress party has been caught on tape trying to instigate violence in Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh. Congress MLA Shakuntala Khatik calls supporters to burn the police station. Republic TV has exposed the Congress party on tape. Earlier Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi was arrested yesterday.

Sitting Congress MLA Shakuntala Khatik asks supporters to burn the police station. The Congress has been caught red handed in the tape released by Republic TV. The BJP Government was making every possible effort to control the situation in the state. Rahul Gandhi announced on Twitter that he would make a visit to Mandaur and meet the families of deceased farmers.

Many people suspected that the Congress was said to be involved in instigating violence in the BJP led state. Rahul Gandhi who was satisfied with his photo-op visit, will have to answer questions now. The Party is just trying to create a situation of unrest in every BJP led state.

The Party which did nothing for the Indian farmers, is pretending to be concerned, so that they can question the Narendra Modi Government. The Party which speaks of Gandhian principles, has instigated some of the worst riots in Indian history. The party is being exposed and when they have nothing to say, they deviate from the pertinent issues.

We would like Rahul Gandhi to provide an explanation (hopefully without any help from someone).

Source: Republic TV

Alok Shetty