Breaking! Yoga to be a part of syllabus in all UP Government Schools

Good news! Yoga has been made compulsory in all government schools across UP. On Wednesday Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had directed the state officials to get to work in this regard. The state government has also decided to make self-defence mandatory for girl students in school.

According to a statement released by the UP government, Adityanath chaired a meeting of education department officials late evening on Tuesday, where he gave this direction.

Adityanath also stressed for a uniformed educational system to be followed and the need to ensure academic sessions were conducted regularly. Yogi also addressed the issue of shortage of teachers in the state. He asked the institutes of Higher education to fill up the vacancies.

Clear instructions have been given to end the ‘old practices’ that had maligned the image of the state. Earlier, Yogi had also said that terming India as a Hindu State or Hindu Rashtra would not be wrong. Many people may associate the Yoga Push with religion, but the intention is only to improve the health of all children.

Yoga will now officially be a part of the syllabus for the children studying in Government schools.  There is nothing controversial about Yogi’s Yoga push or his statement terming our nation as a Hindu Rahtra.  India, better known as Hindustan, is the origin for many ancient civilizations.

A majority of the population is Hindu & the majority have always believed in living in harmony. The news-hungry media will try hard to quote controversy. Among other changes, Yogi also said that Engineering colleges which were on the verge of being shut down should be utilised by other educational institutes & possibilities must be explored in this regard. UP is as flexible as some of the ‘Asanas’ now.

Tony Joseph