Breaking : Zakir Naik’s NGO Islamic Research Foundation BANNED !

In what could be termed as the biggest action against continuous hate speech and extremist religious propaganda being spread by Zakir Naik and his NGO Islamic Research Foundation, the foundation has been finally banned by the central government today. The decision to ban the Islamic Research Foundation was approved by the Union Cabinet today. Zakir Naik’s NGO has been banned as “unlawful” organizsation under Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act for 5 years from immediate effect.

Zakir Naik’s NGO and the Peace TV channel sponsored by the hate preacher was playing a key role in spreading hate against other religions, supporting and calling for armed jihad, brainwashing youths for religious extremism and disseminating Islamic fanaticism since many years. Zakir Naik and his organisations came under the scanner after the deadly Bangladesh terrorist attack, where all the terrorists belonged to rich and affluent society and were influenced by Zakir Naik. After Bangladesh government asked Indian government to investigate into the matter, it was found out that his organisation was directly involved in radicalizing youths for terrorist organisations like Al-qaeda and ISIS.

After the cases were opened and investigation started, Zakir Naik fearing for being prosecuted, ran away to Saudi Arabia and has been there since then. His foundation has also been involved in multiple cases of frauds, unlawful activities, illegal foreign funding and hate mongering. After it became clear that he was spreading hatred and radicalising the youth to join terror outfits through his explosive speeches on Peace TV, the channel was immediately banned in Bangladesh, followed by India. Last month, Zakir Naik did not come to the funeral of his father as he was afraid of being arrested by Indian security agencies.

The ban on the organisation comes as a welcome step which will be crucial in preventing the hatred and poison that was being spread by Zakir Naik, leading to multiple incidents of terrorism – both in India and abroad. Kudos Government of India for this much needed step !

Kshitij Mohan