Breaking!!!All Madrassas in UP to submit video proof of Independence Day celebration: CM yogi

How about receiving funds from the government but in return don’t respect it? Well, this is what happening in India today.

The Uttar Pradesh government has issued a notification to all the madrassas across the state ahead of the Independence Day celebrations. As per the document, the madrassas have been instructed to hoist the national flag and pay tribute to martyrs. Additionally, all madrassas have been told to make certain that the students sing the national anthem and conduct programs on August 15th. All madrassas have also been told to get the Independence Day celebration filmed for proof.

This was the order issued by the CM Yogi government and no where it was mentioned to perform any activity that could have termed as anti-Islamic. But the irony is that there has been wide spread anger expressed by clerics against this.

Dont you want to respect the martyrs?

Every single second that we enjoy in this nation is because of the sacrifice of the lakh of freedom fighters. But today the government need to beg the madrassas asking “Please respect the martyrs and celebrate Independence Day”. Where our nation is heading towards?

Is it difficult to hoist the national flag?

The National Flag flutters high in the air not because there is breeze but because of the departed souls of the freedom fighters. It is a pride to hoist the national flag on Independence Day. What message is the madrassas intended to give by opposing this?

Receiving funds is welcomed but can’t respect the national flag and martyrs?

The government is spending hundreds of crores of money annually towards the betterment of the madrassas. But today when government sends an circulation which asks to celebrate the Independence Day in the madrassas, it is opposed.

Is a political reason behind this?

Well, now pseudo seculars have come up shouting that there is a political reason behind this. How can it be a political conspiracy if a government asks it citizens to celebrate the Independence day?

Independence Day doesn’t have any religion or caste and it is expected to be celebrated by each and every citizen. But it is disgusting to see how the circular sent by CM Yogi to celebrate the Independence Day is opposed by some madrassas clerics.

Nishika Ram