Brinda Karat criticizes Army chief; But her own party refused to donate blood to Indian Army during the 1962 Indo-China war

Look at these words of wisdom from member of Politburo, Brinda Karat.

“That comment was made in a specific context. And he has apologized and I think the matter should end there. But it is a matter of concern generally because the present army chief’s statement results in controversy because the statement itself is quite objectionable.

And I believe the Army chief is undermining the status of his post by making such controversial statements. I think there is a need for some self-restraint as far as the chief of our army is concerned.”

According to Brinda Karat’s logic, firstly one can insult a person like General Bipin Rawat who has spent 37 years of his life protecting our motherland and the people. After insulting, ask a sorry and get away. Yes, Brinda Karat said that Sandeep Dixit shouldn’t be haunted as he had apologized. This is said by CPI leader, whose party’s main agenda is to kill its political rivals, that too a brutal killing.

Previously Prakash Karat wrote that the Indian Army chief’s actions reflect the views of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi government. Prakash Karat is making again another failed attempt to bring down the confidence of the Indian Army.

Pseudo scholar Partha Chatterjee recently wrote a column comparing Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat to the barbaric General Dyre, who was responsible for the Jallianwala Bagh massacre. The particular article was published in Pakistani daily ‘Dawn’.

The statement given by Prakash Karat, Brinda Karat, Sandeep Dixit or the scholar Partha Chatterjee isn’t accidental. They are linked to each other. These are getting desperate as they are losing their hold over the Indian politics. Rahul Gandhi didn’t even condemn the statement of Sandeep Dixit, so it is clear that Congress is backing Dixit’s views.

Let me remind Brinda Karat that Army doesn’t do any activity according to their will. Every action of theirs is accountable and they need to answer to the higher officials. They know how to deal with any situation; they don’t need the opinions of the people who reside in luxury bungalows. Indian Army is one among the top defence force when it comes to exhibiting warrior like skills but it also leads in showing humanitarian values.

Army trains students to crack competitive exams in Kashmir. Army helps the Kashmiris when there is flood but the same Kashmiris throw stones at these Jawans.

Brinda Karat is from a party that denied donating blood to the army during the 1962 Indo-China war. And now she is trying to suck the blood of the Indian Army. Does she have any moral right to raise any questions against the Indian Army?

Rajat Bhandary