British Empire – Ever existed empire survived with Evil Scenes!!!!!

British Empire is the only empire which successfully survived most of the battles than ever. Along with the technological inventions and medicines, it ‘s ruled over most of the globe.

It’s good that British Empire is a responsible for many inventions, contributed much to the mankind. With incredible inventions, evil situations had come up too because of it’s avarice for conquering the land.

Some mentions in the history of British Empire will serves as evil acts on Humanity.

The Famine of Sacred West Bengal:

In 1943, the deadly famine took lives between one and three million people. At the same time, British Kings were busy in hooking up with inner revolts of India. An emergency war time leader said that the “Britain could not spare the ships to transport emergency supplies as the streets of Calcutta filled with hungry villagers from countryside.”

But, Madhushree Mukerjee claimed in her book that ‘The United States and Canada offered to send a a ships, not because British Cabinet wasn’t willing to release the ships. But, when US offered the help, British government not followed the offer as well’.

While talking about Indians, Winston said ‘I hate Indians. They are beastly people with beastly religion’.

Evidence mentioned by Madhushree reflects the racism of Winston over Indians. He didn’t allowed the ships to help the famine and said that war doesn’t allow them and allegedly blocked American and Canadian ships delivering aid to Indians either. Nor he would allow Indians to help themselves too. When Famine started to swipe out entire Bengal, Delhi government telegrammed him about the death of people, Winston only replied to ask ‘Why Gandhi hadn’t died yet?’

And these evidences mirrors the brutality of so called hero Winston, had starved to death too as many as innocent people died because of ignorance.

The Kenyans:

People of Kenya decided to get their freedom back in 1950’s. But, the problem was their own people caused wicked factotum to their nation. British evilly rounded up 1.5 million of Kenyans and captured them.

People who got camped got a ‘Brutalities’ as their daily dose. Evidences says that “Men got annually raped with Knives. Women had their breasts mutilated and cut-off. Eyes were gouged out, ears cut off and the skin lacerated with coiled barbed wire. People were castrated with pliers. Interrogations involved stuffing a detainee’s mouth with mud and stamping on his throat until he passes out or died. Survivors burnt alive. Most of the civilians who got assaulted were Kids and women.”

It’s said that more than ten thousands people allegedly got into this brutality and finally, Kenya got independent in 1963. But, Kenyan people survived far along with this brutality.

The Famine of Brave Irish land:

When British Empire sent Charles Trevelyn to look after the issues of Irish, he believed that administrators must not get involved with issues of market and he refused to give food to hungry Irish people. Instead, he organised public programmes so that the people could work on to clear the further issues of public all by themselves. Adding further to it, British blamed Irish people for their poverty. Later, British honoured Charles for his proper ‘look-after’ for the death of Irish people.

Partition of Great India:

In 1947, 30 million people who were trying to escape to the one country or the other, had caused evil violence. While partitioning the nation, Hindu’s got more offended than Muslims and brutality on the name of ‘Nation’ had started. “Gang of armed Muslims held up border trains and slaughtered Non-Muslims onboard. Thousands of women who sent to the refugee camp got raped and thrown out of the camp. Men got killed. Children made their way to brutality again and survivor’s rate was less.”

A British servant, Cyril Radcliffe had taken the charge of Indian decisions during the course of a single lunch. He was responsible for separating 400million Indians along with religion lines.

Beaumont who once had a stark assessment of this issue rose by Radcliffe concluded that “The viceroy, Mountbatten, must take the blame – though not the sole blame, but for the massacres in the Punjab in which between 500,000 to a million men, women and kids perished.” Continuing, “By the end of 1947, there were virtually no Hindus, or Sikhs living in west Punjab and no Muslims in the Indian west.”

Crushing the Iraqi Revolution:

In 1920, Iraq was on fire to get it’s new identity against of British rule. An uprising of more than 100,000 tribesmen roared through entire Iraq in the summer. When Iraqis stood up for the justice of chemical bombs, Winston Churchill who reknowned as a hero of the wartime concluded that “without a RAF, it’ was impossible to hunt down the Iraqis.” It’s believed that Winston was keen for chemical weapons and he wanted to use it on uncivilized tribes. To put down the revolution, British police started their searches for weapon in tribes. If they found any weapons in homes, walls, they never hesitated to burn entire village.

British targeted wedding ceremonies too in order to terrorize the civilians and the revolution of few people of the Iraqis who asked their country aback framed entire Iraq to terror.

The Cyprus Internment

Between the years of 1955 and 1959, Cyprus begin their bombing campaign against British administration. It is believed that three men of Kenya inspired them to stand a revolution. To counter back, British captured nearly 3000 ordinary Cypriots and held them for a long torture. Detainees who got captured and suspected as terrorists get abused with regular beating, water boarding and summary executions. Children of age 15 sentenced to get burned with hot peppers rubbed in their eyeballs., while others got whipped through iron rods.

Thassos Sophocleous, one who was allegedly tortured by a British forces recalled his life , “Once, they were hitting me on the back with whips, and at the end of whip there were small iron balls. They were opening up my back, blood was coming out and they were salting it with chilli powder.”

I asked them to kill me, but they were laughing saying that they’re not gonna kill me just because I don’t want to suffer. But, I have to suffer every night and day, there.”

Eventually, when UK questioned these acts, they released the prisoners in 1960 and granted Independence.

The massacres of Jaliyanwala bhag    

Thousands of Indians who were protesting peacefully in Jaliyanwala Garden got killed by series of bullets from British Police. Brigadier Reginald Dyer who ordered to massacre the place honoured as “The man who saved India”, and increased his salary. In span of ten minutes, 379 people got killed over 1000 protestors having no choice of escape where Police closed the main door of garden.

The resettlement drama on Chinese:

In 1950, the armed communists rose in China to take over Malay with the wishes of other citizens. Justifying the act of British men, they said that they left no choice to settle down the issue without Gun. Camps were built into watch on inmates. They forced to do hard labour without home, food and freedom.

Outside of this camp, other half million Chinese were being deported, sent into exile and in a short period of time, it harmed millions of Chinese and British successfully cut off the supplies to the rebels of the camp.

Aden’s Torture centers

It was an emergency to control the vital port in modern Yemen in 1960’s. The revolt was huge which scared British to leave the country. To suppress the revolts, as usual, British opened up the torture centers in Yemen. Detainees who got captured brutally by British were stripped to naked in refrigerated cells in order to incease frostbite and pneumonia. Burning skin through cigerrates, beatings were common.

When amnesty reported these as global outrages, failed to face the International condemnation, British apologized and continued these tortured for one year.

The Boer

In the emergency of Boer war, ten thousands of innocent people got tortured as detainees to take over the administration on South African population. The bad administration in camps led to poor quality of food, unhygenic conditions and inadequate medical arrangements. The civilians suffered more with the diseases and in single year, 10% of the Boer civilians died in camps. The round up included 22,000 children. Atrocity continued often too and the inhuman act of British victimized nearly 48,000 civilians.

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Last Drop :

Brutalities performed to conquer the population always led British to act like Savages even though they called themselves, ‘Most developed and Civilized’. In the mean time, they patted themselves like they did great jobs in spreading their evil administrations as well.

Series of abuses, tortures and inhuman orders of British took million lives of people. But, everytime, in regards to celebrate these brutalities, they were on making decisions during their single course of lunch like we seen before.

Sushmitha Saptharshi