Who Brought Navjot Singh Sidhu Into Congress…The Interesting Story!

Just a month back we had published an article on Navjot Singh Sindhu as Udta Sidhu jumping from one party to another looking for power and position. Sidhu who started his journey as a member of BJP enjoyed pretty good time there with power and position, but his greed for power made him say good bye to BJP and join AAP. But Sidhu soon realized that Arvind Kejriwal is not really sober as he pretends to be. After this he tried launched a new party called Awaz-e-Punjab which he thought to be a game changer, but unfortunately nothing worked for him and his own colleagues left the party and joined AAP. Realizing he cannot survive alone now Sidhu has again packed his bag and joined Congress.

Sidhu should remember his own words what he had said for Arvind Kejriwal

Sidhu who was once a hard core rival of the Congress party, today has joined the same party giving the reason that only Congress can revive Punjab. Just a year back it was the same person who had blasted Congress for orchestrating the 1984 Sikh riots which killed over 3000 Sikhs in most brutal way.

Watch what this man had said about Congress just few months back!


Now he has forgotten everything and has joined the same party.

But the question is who brought him to Congress??? There is one person who has played significant role in convincing Sidhu to join Congress.

It was none other than Priyanka Vadra, who is said to have pacified both Capt. Amarinder and Sidhu to accept each other. It all started in early September when Prashanth Kishor who is the key strategist of the Congress party arranged a meeting between Sidhu and Priyanka Gandhi. Sidhu who was very much in need of a new home, wooed Priyanka Gandhi by saying that she very much resemble her Grandmother Indira Gandhi, to which Priyanka replied Sidhu was her favorite Batsman since childhood.

Mmmm….when you want things done your tongue speaks anything and everything!!!

After the deal was made, Priyanka had reportedly called Capt. Amarinder Singh and asked him to accept Sidhu who previously had issues with him joining the party. She had even asked Amarinder to meet the Sidhu family and convey that he had no objections.

Amarinder who had previously said that if Sidhu wants to join Congress, he should not put any previous conditions nor ask for CM candidature. But looks likes Amarinder is not completely happy with Sidhu joining the party since he has now been asked to soften his stand on Sidhu. The old party workers and loyalists of Amarinder also feel that Congress brought in a Parachute leader only to give a star look to the party campaign.

The real reason why Sidhu was brought to Congress is Priyanka Gandhi always knew that Capt. Amarinder was never a YES MAN to the Gandhi family, he had his own ideologies which were different from Gandhi family. He had even opposed Rahul Gandhi to be the next President of the Congress party. She wanted a person who would be obligated with the Gandhi family and would listen to every command Sonia gives.

So she roped in Sidhu who is now homeless with an intention to keep him under Gandhi’s control. There are also rumors that if Congress gets a majority, then most likely Sidhu will be announced as the Chief Minister and not Capt. Amarinder!

Looks like these JUMPING SHIP politicians neither have any ideology of their own nor believe in any principles. But never thought Sidhu belonged to this category. Sidhu had earned special respect of people by his strong personality and good deeds, but his repeatedly FLIP–FLOPS has only caused confusion in people whether he joined politics to work for people or just for power and publicity?!

We should now ask whether he still stands with this speech he made about Congress or does it change every time he changes his party! Where is the ethics now???

Sidhu with his theatrics has proved that he just wants a party which can treat me KING and give me PLUM POSTS, while he can sit and enjoy quoting Shayaris and jokes in TV programs.

Aishwarya S