The biggest demon India has ever seen! This Islamic invader Timur had butchered millions of Hindus barbarically

Taimur, Taimur and Taimur is the only name that you hear these days. The B-town celebrity kid “Taimur Ali Khan” has gained popularity more than any other senior celebrity in the showbiz world. The media is literally crazy behind this cute little munchkin of Bollywood actors Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan. Taimur attends a party with his mom, Taimur swinging on the swing and what not. Taimur’s every look reaches you through the medium of mainstream media without a single miss. Soon after his birth, social media went into a tizzy over the baby’s “controversial” name. Though the parents chose to maintain silence at the time, the baby’s granduncle Rishi Kapoor went after online trolls.

But the same mainstream media will not tell you about the atrocities of the Turco-Mongol conqueror, Taimur Lang. They will not tell you that Saif Ali Khan has named his son after the name of this brutal king, who was the most dangerous man in Indian history.

Taimur Lung is the godfather of Mughal rulers who ruined the cultural heritage of India. Taimur, the cruelest Mughal ruler in history, is the murderer of millions of innocent Hindus. Taimur has earned himself the title of “Sword of Islam”. Saif has named his son Taimur after this fanatic Islamist and murderer of Hindus!

In his 35-year rule, he has killed 17 million people, which is approximately 5% of the world’s total population. In Arabic, Taimur means “iron”. As a shepherd’s arrow in his childhood on his hip and shoulder, his right side became crippled. Because of this chaotic he became disabled and lame while walking, after that his name was “Taimur Lang”. Taimur was the greatest enemy of humanity. After winning almost the entire Middle-West Asia in 1398, he turned his evil eye at India.

Taimur used to wreck the city where ever he stepped. Thousands of innocent people used to be assassinated and their skull were collected and piled up at one place. This gave him great pleasure. After conquering Asia, Taimur’s Army attacked India and his army started the task of barbarity of countless Hindus in Baloch, Punjab, Sindh and Kashmir. In Kashmir, his army attacked Kataar, where all the men were killed and all women and children were imprisoned as war slaves. Taimur’s executioners massacred Hindus in populated towns, plundered their property, converted their religion into Islam, destroyed temples, built mosques on their remains and proclaimed ‘Khutba’ in India.

Bhatner Rajputs had signed the peace treaty motion, accepting the defeat from Taimur but Timur violated the opportunity. He killed 10,000 people and cut off their heads. In his book “Tazuk-i-Taimuri”, he describes this massacre and says, “Within a short time, all the people of the fort were killed, ten thousand men’s head was cut off in an hour.” The sword of Islam “His army, money, grains, which were being gathered inside the fort, were looted by my army. The houses were burnt; the buildings and the fort were burnt to ashes. ”

All the Hindus of Sarnati, Panipat and Delhi were killed by Taimur’s army. Nearly one lakh Hindus were killed in Loni of Delhi. He declared that all Hindu men should be killed and their entire property should be grabbed. Anyone who attacks the murderer should also be killed and his property should be confiscated. Taimur used to order the killing of Hindu war prisoners only, and he used to show mercy on the Muslims prisoners.

In the war between Muhammad Shah Tughlaq and Taimur, Tughlaq was defeated after which he leaves Delhi and runs away. Taimur looted the whole of Delhi within 15 days and burns it in fire. In his autobiography, he says that it was his intention to launch a religious war on “infidel Hindus” behind attacking India. He wanted to make his Islamic army endowed with wealth and other expensive assets.

Saif Ali Khan has named his son in the name of such an abusive Hindu hatred, stigma on humanity, who has oppressed India and this is advertised by the mainstream media as branding news in its headlines each day. People are forgetting or pretending to forget what he has done to India. This can be happening only in India no nowhere else…



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