BSF Officer Deepak Mondal attacked by cow smugglers while on Duty!!! Aklaq’s life matters but not of a soldier?

In India, attacks on cattle owners by the cow smugglers have been routine news. But now, these cow smugglers have moved a step ahead and have attacked the commanding officer of BSF.

This incident took place at about 2 am near the Belardeppa border post in the Sipahijala district of Tripura state. When Aklaq was attacked, the whole brigade of seculars and liberals were seen mourning but when a soldier is attacked, none are seen crying.

The commanding officer Deepak Mondal was carrying out his routine job of patrolling along the international border in Agartala. At this moment, the officer and his driver saw some of the cattle smugglers in that area and challenged them.

The brave officer was hit by a vehicle from behind by the coward smugglers!!!

The cattle smugglers were in huge numbers and in no time they surrounded the officer & the patrol party with the intention to kill. The smugglers were nearly 25 in number and they were well equipped with lathis and machetes.

As the fight escalated, the smugglers’ vehicle hit the officer from behind and due to this, the officer sustained a brutal injury to his head and legs.

When the situation was out of hands, an accompanying Border Security Force Jawan fired five rounds from his AK rifle to control the situation. Now the area has been cordoned off.

Until when Indian soldiers will become victims of cow smugglers?

This is not the first time where an Indian officer was a scapegoat to these cow smugglers. Months back, even a commando was on a verge of facing court martial. Commando Atreya who had even got a DG’s commendation card had to face strict actions after he killed a cow smuggler in order to save his colleague’s life.

The BSF is highly active in states like Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura, and Mizoram as they share borders with Bangladesh. In July, the Border security forces had seized 276 cattle near the zero line of Indo-Bangladesh border near Meghalaya. BSF had also recovered contraband items worth more than 49 lakh of rupees. Not only cattle, but even the smuggling of young girls is very high in these border regions.

Whenever the Modi govt tries implementing a strict law to curb the influence of cattle traders, parties like Congress stages protest saying that PM Modi is attacking the food system of the minorities.

Until when will we lose our soldiers?

Until when will we witness these cheap politics?

Hansika Raj