BSF Video Expose: Why we should choose truth and not fiction ?

Army, BSF and Security Personnel- When ever any incident happened We directly or indirectly Think from Heart and forgot to apply Logic. The Basic Questions Why ? What ? How ? We forget to ask ourselves. 

Corruption in any institution or organization is a matter of concern but No one is allowed to defame BSF and Armed Forces by staging a lie and misusing Social Media for other objectives. Let me start and stick strictly to the video. There are three videos posted by Tej Bahadur Yadav on Facebook claiming that BSF people got bad food and higher officers do Corruption and sell all goods in Market granted by Government of India. He categorically says that Government of India grant all items but higher officers do Corruption. 

Just for a while Keep Emotion separate and Analyse The Video first which needs to be answered. 

1. Onions and Masala is loaded in Mutton Curry and Not Present in Dal ? 

2. It is common psychology that when Mutton gets cooked then everybody first check for Mutton but Why There is not a word of praise for cooked Mutton as shown in video? 

3. Chapatis are being made by them only and so What is problem in that, They can prepare it better. 

4. Camera Phones are banned in first line of Defense BSF, How Camera Phone is present there which is not only Illegal but posses serious security Concerns.

5. He applied for VRS 10 days back and scheduled to be retired on 31st January 2017. How suddenly he got this sense of enlightenment ?

6. Was he getting 5 star food since he got recruited or He suddenly got enlightened?

7. Listen his Voice calmly when he enters that room and investigate what is being cooked ? Over Acting is palpable . 

Now, Let’s analyse What Government did ? 

Government immediately send Officers for investigation and ask BSF to find truth. Government of India had already increased the Budget of Defense and All forms of Armed personal are properly facilitated. 

Now Let’s check What BSF has to say ? 

BSF clearly mentions that – BSF frequently investigate all kind of facility of BSP personal and Never found any kind of Complaint from him and any other personal in past. BSF also doubts the intention of posting a Video and they confirm that Investigation will be done to know the proper objective of posting a video. BSF explains that In past too Tej Bahadur Yadav multiple times break serious rules and he is alcoholic. In past He was suspended but taken back because of his family financial status. 

There are many orchestrated incidents are happening in India. 

Killing of Gajendra in the name of farmer protest against Land Bill. 

Whole Incident was orchestrated by AAP.

Killing of Retired Armed Personal in the name of Protest against OROP which is already implemented. Whole Incident was orchestrated by Congress. 

Every time We are facing Worst Kind of Political Games and the timing of Video says it all. Out of 5 Poll bound states, 3 States – Uttarakhand, Punjab and UP are major contributor of Armed Personal. There is no doubt and This scenario can’t be ignored. 

Hope you analyse the video again, Check facts and Take a Stand for Truth. 

Abhishek Kumar