Bullet Train dream takes off!!! Indians will soon get Bullet Train that will travel at the speed of 350 kmph

Today, India will be a step closer to the bullet train that would help to drag the world’s fourth-largest railways in the 21st century.

Much discussed bullet train gets off the ground today with a ceremony near Sabarmati station to be attended by PM Modi and Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe, whose country is providing a soft loan of RS.90,000 crore for the project.

The train promises to reduce travel time between the Mumbai and Ahmadabad to less than three hours from the current seven hours.

The train project will create job opportunities for about 20,000 people. Further, some 16K indirect employment opportunities are expected to be generated that works well for Modi’s 10 million jobs a year, the election pledge.

A top speed of 350kmph with a thrilling ride under the sea, a first in the country near Thane.

Fastest technology of Japan is in India now!!

“It rides on Japanese Shinkansen high speed rail technology. Shinkansen means a ‘new trunk line’ in Japanese. The first Shinkansen train ran at a maximum speed of 210 km/h. Today, a Shinkansen’s maximum speed is 320 km/h. It was the fastest train in the world till 2002 when China ran a maglev train at 431km/h.”

Route map of thrilling train!!

Apart from the planned Mumbai-Ahmedabad line, the bullet train will touch the following routes — Delhi-Kolkata, Delhi-Mumbai, Mumbai-Chennai, Delhi-Chandigarh, Mumbai-Nagpur, Delhi- Nagpur. As per reports, 11 stations are proposed in its plan starting from Mumbai to Ahmedabad. “

Ticket rates will be costing to range between Rs.3000-5000 per head.

Safest train in the world!  

Shinkansen trains have never been involved in any accident since 1964. They have an inbuilt safety system even for an eventuality like an earthquake. Advanced sensors can detect an earthquake at an early stage and automatically stop the train. Its delay record is less than a minute with zero fatality.

About this project, railway minister Piyush Goel said that, “The Japanese funded project allows for transfer of technology.”

Opposition of a “Terrorist Sympathizers.”

While Modi has described the bullet train project as historic and with a pride, opposition has questioned the plan by arguing fares will be beyond the reach of many in a country where most people live on less than $3.10 per day.

Further, Congress argued that the money could be used for basic needs such as housing for the poor.

Modi slams Congress!!

Previously, Congress was haunting Modi by asking about the bullet train. When Modi introduced the bullet train, they are now questioning back that the project will cost more and the nation cannot afford it and why Modi has introduced?” the PM slammed the Congress.

“What you have to crack is the ability to replicate this technology — to develop the capability in our country to do this in-house,” says Rajaji Meshram, a director of infrastructure and government services at KMPG in New Delhi.

Apparently, Congress has no idea about their historic sins done by them. They have built their fort using nation’s money and now, they are questioning about the train project and that’s what I found so funny!