Bumper crop in 2017, what is the real reason for farmers protest in Madhya Pradesh, who is behind it?

Since past 3-4 days, the farmers strike in few parts of the country has gained the Nation’s attention. One may wonder why did farmers protest suddenly erupt in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Haryana in a bumper crop year.

Yes, the agricultural output this year has been the highest and there is excess crops, pulses available in the market. The prices of all the commodities have come down. Just recall what was the price of the pulses 2 years back? What was the price of the onion in 2014? The price of the pulses had gone over Rs 120-150 and even reached Rs 200/Kilo at one point of time. Today the prices of the pulses are less than rs 70/kilo.  How did this happen even after the country faced severe drought for 2 consecutive years since 2014.

After the Narendra Modi government came to power in 2014, the first thing it did was to guide farmers to use neem coated urea. After they won elections in Maharashtra and Haryana, the BJP government and especially Devendra Fadanavis took keen interest in Jal yukt Shivar which became the game changer for the thousands of Farmers in drought hit areas. We noticed that in 2015 and 2016 summer Maharashtra faced severe drought, but the far farsightedness of the CM helped the farmers conserve maximum water in canals through jal yukt Shivar. The water was utilized later in the year, which has given bumper yield. It was same in the case of Haryana. The country’s agricultural production shot up 4.9% which was the highest in 5 years!

Basically the farmers this time had no problem of loss as the yield was superb. But what happened was, the prices of the crops and pulses fell due to excess production. So farmers in Maharashtra demanded the governmnet to provide minimum support price for their crops. The consumers were so happy since 2-3 months as the prices of all vegetables, pulses had gone low. However farmers were not happy since they could not get more profit this time. So they demanded a minimum support price for their crops which was acceptable.

But here there was big game played by political parties. It is well known fact that the middleman and mandi owners make maximum profit in the name of farmers.

This is how they work:

If there is bumper crop, the mandi owners and middleman buy crops and vegetables for very low price from farmers and then sell them to a greater price in the market. If there is no good harvest, they still buy the crops for low prices and hide them to create artificial shortage and raise the prices of all Vegetables and pulses 10-20 times high. So either way they make profit. In Maharashtra, more than 60% of the Mandis are owned by Sharad Pawar and many politicians.

Now, in the name of farmers the rich mandi owners joined the protest last week. These were the ones who started throwing gallons of milk on streets wasting crores of money. Among these people were many Congress workers and NCP workers who hijacked the entire strike by farmers. It is the standard operating procedure of the Congress to create violence to malign the ruling government, this is not the first time they have caught red handed instigating riots. (check the below picture, where Ex-CM Hooda’s aide had accepted that he instigated riots in the name of farmers in 2016).

The farmers had 7-8 demands which the Maharashtra government agreed and immediately the protest was withdrawn. But Congress realised that they could not score political points in Maharashtra as CM Fadnavis was quick enough to respond to the their demands.

But in Madhya Pradesh, the Congress did not want to let go the opportunity since MP is going for elections next year.

Lets see what the real situation in MP!

The MP Congress has no leader and no credible face in the state but on the other hand Shivraj Singh Chauhan has tremendous support from people. He was one person who gave a massive boost to agriculture in the state. He became the Chief minister of MP in the year 2005, during which the state had worst agricultural production. But just in a span of 4-5 years, Shivraj Singh Chauhan changed the entire scenario. Since 2010 -2015 the agricultural growth in MP jumped to double digits which was the first time in history.

Today MP contributes 15% of the Agricultural GDP in the country, the agri growth rate is 14.2 per cent over the five-year period 2010-2015. A cumulative growth of 92 per cent over the period. Among all the current statistics on the economy, the truly jaw-dropping one is MP’s agricultural growth rate. These words were said by T N Ninan just a month back, author in Business Standard. The state of MP has won Krishi Karman Award from President of India for 3 years straight!

So how do you bring down a man like Shivraj Singh Chouhan who has changed the face of MP? Not by development, but by riots and violence …this is what Congress thinks!

They used this opportunity of the Maharashtra farmers demanding MSP (Minimum Support price) and completely hijacked the issue. The Congress asked their workers to instigate riots and violence. They started to attack innocent people on the ground, attacked bus where women and children were present. They burnt public and private vehicles, set hundreds of shops on fire. The Congress workers were seen spreading fake images of terrorists as farmers to provoke people. The whats app messages which showed that Congress workers were giving messages to attack people was out.

Openly, the Congress MLA, who is now absconding asked people to attack police and people on the streets. So, this was not at all a farmers protest but a well planned strategy of Congress to create violence.

Other reason why farmers of Mandsaur are highly unlikely to go on protest. The major crop of the entire Mandsaur is not vegetables or pulses but OPIUM (poppy or marijuana drugs). Do you know how much does one Kilo of OPIUM cost?

1 kilo OPIUM cost Rs 3-5 Crore! 

Do you think these farmers need MINIMUM SUPPORT PRICE???

Most of these farms in Mandsaur belong to Congress people. Faiaz Khan who is the leading the protests in MP is none other than a Congress man who has links with OPIUM mafia. A close aide of Digvijay Singh.

Now, Rahul Gandhi who is always hiding and doesn’t even attend an important discussion in Parliament lands in Mandsaur. Does this look like a co-incidence? Congress is again repeating the grave mistake of playing in the name of farmers, this is a highly sensitive issues and they will pay heavy price once the truth is out!!!

Aishwarya S