Burning Question: Did Sonia Gandhi and Digvijay Singh plan the MP riots to defame farmers?

Madhya Pradesh, one state which is most farmer friendly state. A state which register highest agriculture growth, a state which is a leader in producing highest food grain. A state which has highest irrigated land and happiest farmers are suddenly witnessing Farmer Agitation against Farmer Loved CM Shiv Raj Singh Chouhan.

The big question is what happened at Madhya Pradesh. Let’s start this article with some facts. Let me put one more scintillating truth about MP Riots which will bust the balloon of poor farmer tag which Congress is using here.

  1. What is the principal crop of Mandsaur where this riot is happening?

Answer is Poppy (Opium).

2. What is the economic status of these farmers?

Farmers of Mandsaur are one of the richest in Madhya Pradesh.

3. Which party is connected to this Opium Mafia and Opium Producers?

History of this place Mandsaur will explain you how Congress leaders are involved and interconnected with Opium Mafias.

Now why this planned orchestrated riots happened in which 5 people have died till now?

This Orchestrated Riot is allegedly ordered by Sonia Gandhi and master planned by Digvijay Singh who is Madhya Pradesh incharge of Congress. Let me give you some pictures.

Tell me where are farmers in this picture?

There are no farmers at all, these are Congress Karyakartas provoking riots, now let me present another picture which will prove Congress Involvement.

This man in the below picture is Faizan Khan, useful man of Digvijay Singh. He is currently the leader of mob which is intentionally violent so that Riots can happen.

Now let us know how they are well synchronised with an objective to initiate a riot. Congress is defaming Farmers of Madhya Pradesh and all their leaders and Media sympathetic people are tweeting wrong and fake pictures on Social Media to spread rumours. Look at these pictures

This is fake picture, this is not at all from MP and this is not of Farmer. How I can prove that?

It is because these pictures are actually from Kashmir where these terrorists have been recently killed by Armed Forces.

Look at this complete picture now.

Now I believe you can decide who is doing what?

The democracy allows you to register your demonstration and campaign against Government but Congress misusing it to orchestrate Riots in Peaceful Farmer loving State. It is all grand part of Lok Sabha 2019 preparations.

Take any incident since 2014.

Fake anti-Muslim sentiment campaign, fake intolerance campaign, fake Dalit campaign, fake OROP campaign, fake farmer campaign by defaming Tamil Nadu and now once again campaign in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh by the use of vulnerable farmers.

Congress a party which did nothing about Farmers and ruined their fate is now ruined their future and costing their life.

Yesterday Sonia Gandhi chaired meeting along with all leaders, she is the one lady who doesn’t care what it will cost to reach to power again. I hope Congress and Sonia Gandhi gets some sense and shame.

Abhishek Kumar