Burnol moment for Congress !!! Rahul Gandhi begs an apology for insulting PM Modi and compares Modi with GOD!!!

Unlike Narendrabhai, I am human. We do make the odd mistake and that’s what makes life interesting

Yesterday, Rahul Gandhi was caught spreading twisted facts and lies about PM Modi in Gujarat state. It was such a blatant lie that Rahul Gandhi was forced to withdraw his statement. Today, Rahul Gandhi has been forced to beg apologies for spreading lies against PM Modi.

Not just an apology, Rahul Gandhi even equated PM Modi with God

“Unlike Narendrabhai, I am human. We do make the odd mistake and that’s what makes life interesting. Thanks for pointing it out and please do keep it coming, it really helps me improve. Love you all”, this was the message given out by Rahul Gandhi to all the BJP friends.

By this tweet, Rahul Gandhi clearly states that he has no super abilities, unlike Prime Minister Modi.

Where did Rahul Gandhi compare PM Modi with god? Here is the answer

Now the hard-core fans of Rahul Gandhi and few self-proclaimed “fact checkers” may shout that nowhere Rahul Gandhi compared PM Modi with god. But let me post-mortem Rahul Gandhi tweet. After getting caught for spreading lies, 47-year-old youth icon clearly said that he is just a normal human, unlike PM Modi.

So Rahul himself said that Modi is not a human. Now the other possibilities are that Modi is either a god or a devil. In the same tweet, Rahul Gandhi also claimed that he makes mistakes but Modi doesn’t make mistakes. Now, it is clear that Modi was compared with god because only God doesn’t make mistake, whereas devils keep on committing mistakes.

It was really surprising to see Rahul Gandhi apologize. But will he apologize for jailing staunch patriot Lt Col Purohit and Sadhvi Pragya Singh for jailing them for 9 years even though evidence proved that Pakistanis were the real culprits?

Hypocrisy is hidden in Rahul Gandhi’s apologies!!!

People found that this was yet another political stunt by Rahul Gandhi to woe the voters of Gujarat. If he was so well-mannered then why did he do personal comments on PM Modi in the past? Did he apologize for faking himself as a Hindu? Did he apologize for obstructing the construction of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya?

By committing political stunts, you are truly a human, said a Twitterati.

Will Rahul Gandhi apologize for the insult done to Dr BR Ambedkar by Nehru? History says that Dr Ambedkar had resigned from Nehru’s cabinet and later on Nehru did all possible tricks to defeat Dr Ambedkar in the elections. A twitterati also slammed Congress for not giving Bharat Ratna to Dr Ambedkar.

But, nowadays we can see how Congress hijacked Dr Ambedkar’s image to gain political mileage.

A popular twitterati mocked at Rahul Gandhi and advised him to keep committing such mistakes. This will only help the BJP to eliminate Congress party from the nation.

From 2002 to till date, Rahul Gandhi’s Congress had always questioned the education of Prime Minister Modi. But expectedly, PM Modi proved to be more efficient than Mr Manmohan Singh in every diplomatic battle. But in a bid to attack PM Modi’s education, Rahul Gandhi forgot the basic calculation.

The apology was for the below tweet, where Rahul Gandhi had hiked the prices and smartly blamed PM Modi’s administration.

Hansika Raj