Burnol Moment for Opposition!!! An American Professor praised PM Modi Govt, said “This is for the first time that India has a government which is non corrupt and seriously working for people”

Since the PM Modi Government has come to power, it has taken the nation to large heights. Not only nationally but internationally also nation has reserved it’s strong place. With the Modi Government zero-tolerance policy toward corruption, all the corrupt people has got sleepless nights. That’s why all the liberals, paid media agents, anti-India front, Tukde- Tukde Gang and the whole opposition is always hell-bent on defaming PM Modi and his Government

Anyhow, how much low they fall, they can never beat the true leader. The opposition always believe in spreading fake propagandas about Modi Government in which ultimately they themselves are trapped and their real face is exposed in front of the people. Contrary to that Modi Government has always shown remarkable development by their work and has gained respect across the world. It is because of this reason PM Modi & his Government irks in the eye of these haters.

Here’s another burnol moment for the Modi haters which will once again slap them hard for defaming such a true leader. An American accounts professor talking about PM Modi at CFA association of US says, “This is for the first time that India has a government which is seriously working for people. This is for the first time that India has a government which is not corrupt”.

The professor also said that India as a nation, has been struggling for leadership since long now got a hardworking, non-corrupt leader in form of PM Modi. His party and his Government is the actually the Government that shows up for work.

He also praised that India has got good nine Chief Ministers of key provinces along the western corridor under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi. These provinces are implementing the policies and they are going to take off which is an exciting thing. Because India has been a disastrous story since decades.

He also strengthened on the point that despite all the cheap political tensions Indian economy is one of the major economies in Asia and is continually growing under the leadership of PM Modi. He stressed further saying that seeing India’s rise he is very clear in the coming time we don’t have to worry about China-Japan but China–India as India is rising and developing nation under PM Modi whereas Japan is currently deteriorating.

This is a tight slap on all those faces who always criticize Modi Government. Our nation still doesn’t value the jewel they have got in the form of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of the country who is taking the nation out of the rut spread by the Congress since decades. People should understand this fact and should support Modi Government instead of allegating them as Modi Government is working hard day and night only for the benefit of the nation, unlike the Congress Government which has looted the nation since decades.

Source: Twitter


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