Burnol moment for seculars and liberals!!! After removing Taj Mahal from tourism booklet, do you know the new move of Yogi Ji?

This young CM of Uttar Pradesh is executing one after another historic reforms with ease. Weeks ago, he had stunned the pseudo gangs by removing Taj Mahal from Uttar Pradesh’s tourism booklet and now he is all set to introduce NCERT books and make maths and science compulsory subjects at the higher secondary level in madrasas. Till date, none had dared to do this in the state of UP as vote bank was important to them.

Firstly, CM Yogi made online registration of madrasas compulsory and then the accreditation of 2682 madrasas who didn’t follow these orders were cancelled.

“The Uttar Pradesh Board is working on the proposal, which has been given the initial go ahead. We will not touch religious curriculum, and instead have planned to introduce additional steps to make madrasa education more effective and job-oriented”, these were the words of Laxmi Narayan Chaudhary, Minority Affairs Minister of Uttar Pradesh.

He further said that “The idea is to not only make subjects like math and science compulsory, but also introduce vocational education so that students coming out of madrasas in the state can compete with other schools as well. The state government is working on the lines of introducing visible changes in the curriculum to ensure that students coming from madrasas can compete with others in professions like medical as well as engineering”.

This is a historic move!!! But will the opposition make it communal?

As stated by the minority affairs minister, the main intention of this decision is to make the madrasa students competent with others. But there is every possible chances that this might be used by the opposition parties in order to provoke the minority community.

But the Yogi Govt has full faith that the decision of including NCERT in madrasas will be successful. This is not just a blind belief but facts are also in favour of Yogi Govt. Nearly 16500 madrasas have been registered online with the government by furnishing all the required documents. This indicates that the minorities are ready to embrace the reforms of the Yogi government.

CM Yogi has been receiving immense support from almost every community. In the month of May, CM Yogi said that many Muslim organisations were coming forward offering the land for the construction of Ram Temple.

When PM Modi ascended the throne of Delhi, the opposition had spread a narrative that the minorities, especially the Muslims, are unsafe under him. But in just months after his governance, this fake narrative was demolished. Similar kind of narrative was spread when Yogi Ji became the Prime Minister of Uttar Pradesh.

Hansika Raj