Burnol moment to Modi haters! The gesture shown by Chinese President to PM Modi has won the heart of the Indians

After the Doklam standoff, it was the first time that Prime Minister Modi paid a visit to China. This visit was a game changer for both the nations and as expected, PM Modi’s visit started on an excellent note. Yes, to everyone’s surprise (especially to those who thought China would ignore this visit of PM Modi), the Chinese President showed an extremely pleasant gesture to PM Modi today.

PM Modi welcomed by Chinese President! Do you know what was special in it?

  • Prime Minister Modi is the only Indian Prime Minister for whom a Chinese president has come out of the capital twice to receive. It shows the stature of Narendra Modi as a world leader and how despite all the bravado of the Chinese they respect today’s India to the core.

Yes, and this is a matter of pride to all the Indians across the world. Even PM Modi couldn’t stop himself of speaking on this as he said “The people of India feel really proud that I’m the first Prime Minister of India, for whom, you (Chinese President) have come out of the capital twice to receive me”.

The visit of PM Modi was important to both China and India in terms of economic growth and even in the defense sector. India and China account to 40 percent of the global population and PM Modi stressed on using this effectively for global benefit. He also said “We have the responsibility to work for 40 percent of the world population, this means trying to successfully get the world rid of many problems. To work together towards this is a big opportunity for us”.

India and China acted as engines for global economic growth for 1600 years: PM Modi

  • India and China acted as engines for global economic growth for 1600 years out of the past 2000 years.
  • I hope such informal summits becomes a tradition between both the countries. I’ll be happy, if in 2019, we can have such informal summit in India.
  • We need to make strong contribution to global peace and development. I believe we can do more such informal summits.
  • Very positive environment created through the informal summit and you have personally contributed to it in a big way.

It should be noted that this was an informal meet between the heads of the two nations at Wuhan, China. Wishing to have few more meets, PM Modi said “I hope such informal summits become a tradition between both nations. I will be happy if, in 2019, we can have such an informal summit in India”.

Will this meet ease the military tensions between the two nations?

Speculations have grew that this meet will have a direct impact on the military conflicts between the two nations. Analysts have expected that the tensions and face offs between these two superpower nations might come down significantly, even though both will continue strengthening their military power.

PLA’s Senior Colonel Wu Qian said that “Although the relations between the two militaries still face some difficulties and obstacles, we are willing to use the important consensus of the leaders of the two countries as guidelines to deepen our understanding, increase mutual trust, make proper differences, and continuously accumulate the positive energy of the healthy and stable development of the relations between the two militaries”.

Source: Times Of India


Hansika Raj


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