Burnol moment to Modi haters! This is how the World Bank praised about India’s Aadhaar

Have you observed that all of a sudden the people who were crying that Aadhaar card is a major threat, have gone silent? Day and night, the Congress led opposition claimed that the Modi government risked the personal data of people due to Aadhaar. But all these went silent after the name of Congress party was linked with Cambridge Analytica’s data theft.

Now, these haters have suffered one more fatal blow after what the World Bank has said regarding PM Modi’s push for Aadhaar.

World Bank praises PM Modi’s Aadhaar scheme! Says gap between rich and poor reduced!

India’s “strong government” push to increase account ownership through biometric identification cards helped narrow both the gender gap and the gap between the rich and poor, said the World Bank.

“In India three years ago, men were 20 percentage points more likely than women to have an account. Today, India’s gender gap has shrunk to 6 percentage points thanks to a strong government push to increase account ownership through biometric identification cards” said the report.

“India has significantly reduced the gender gap in providing access to financial services with 77% women against 83% men having bank accounts” said the World Bank in its Global Findex database 2017 released on Thursday. “Globally, 65% of women have an account compared with 72% of men, a gap of seven percentage points that has been unchanged since 2011”, it added.

Some of the major benefits of Aadhaar!

  • The Indian government’s Aadhaar card scheme, which has enrolled more than 100 crore people, has helped the exchequer save about USD 9 billion by eliminating fraud in beneficiary lists. This was revealed by none other than its architect Nandan Nilekani.
  • “Out of 23 crore ration cards in the country, 82 per cent (19 crore) are linked with Aadhaar. We have removed 2.95 crore fake or duplicate ration cards in the country in the past three years which has resulted in a saving of Rs 17,000 crore annually. It has ensured that foodgrains are being delivered to the rightful person”. This statement was made by CR Chaudhary, Minister of State for Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution on February 2018.

While the Congress party kept protesting against Aadhaar, the world wanted to implement it in their nation!

It is really surprising because if the Aadhaar scheme was a failure than why the world wanted to embrace it? 20 nations, including super power nations have shown keen interest in embracing Aadhaar scheme months ago. Hard to believe? Well, this is the truth.

Nations including Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand have been stunned by the impact created by Aadhaar in India. Earlier in the year, Philippines President Duterte discussed the Aadhaar system with Prime Minister Modi and said that he was interested in India’s Aadhaar system that could help him in his various endeavours including fighting corruption.

Recently in a hearing in Supreme Court, Tusshar Mehta, counsel for UIDAI said “11.35 lakh cases of duplicate PAN/fraudulent PAN have been detected and such PANs have been deleted/ deactivated”. Pointing out that there was a huge gap between the number of PAN holders and taxpayers, he added, “100% verification is possible with Aadhaar as biometrics and iris scan will be used for such purposes”.

So the World Bank statement has proved like a boon to the Modi government.

Source: Livemint

Hansika Raj