Call me a ‘DOG’, But not a ‘Pakistani’ Says Baloch Refugee!

The hatred of Balochistan people towards Pakistan is so bad that they say “Call me a Dog but not Pakistani”!  A recent interview of a Baloch refugee by Economic Times has shown how Pakistanis cruelty has left an unforgettable impression in Balochistan people. 25-year-old Mazdak Dilshad Baloch had visited India few months back. He had a Canadian passport but the place of birth said Quetta, Pakistan for which he was put under suspicion He is one of the thousand refugee who tried to flee Balochistan and seek a decent place where he could get shelter and a meal to eat peacefully. . He said he hated to be called a Pakistani and recalls his dreadful experience in Balochistan.

Before the partition of India-Pakistan, Balochistan was a part of the same continent and was a called Kalat state. Balochistan being a secular state refused to identify itself as an Islamic state under the accession of Pakistan. But under the orders of Jinnah, Pakistan forcefully occupied Balochistan which ever since became a living hell to the balochs. Pakistan started ethinic cleansing and wanted Balochs to accept Pakistan nationhood. It has been decades since these Balochs have seen peaceful life.







Mazdak says that Pakistan army has completely taken over the Balochistan area, they have no access to education, freedom or a decent place to lead life. The army has closed down all educational institutes and opened Madrassas every 10 km where children are being brain washed and are even taken to terrorist”™s camps. There are no jobs, no economy all the natural resources are being looted by Pakistan and have opened doors to Chinese coal and mining companies. The army has appointed its people in top posts so no Balochs get any help from the government.

Naela Quadri Baloch, an activist fighting for Balochs describes that Pakistanis have posed a war for the past 15 years. Massive human rights violations with 25,000 civilians missing. The army is so brutal that they kill anyone they want including 1 year old babies, women and children. Young girls are often kidnapped and abducted in front of people and raped. They have official RAPE CELL and TORTURE CELL. There are many instances that journalists also were kidnapped and taken to rape cell, they were even made to watch women being raped and nobody ever knows what happens to these people. She describes that there are hundreds of mass graves in Balochistan.


Pakistan has also established small Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Lashkar-e-Khorasan, Jundallah, Tehreek-e-Islam, Tehreek-e-Nifaz-e-Shariat-e-Mohammad units which are very active in the area and plan most of the attacks from here.

During 2007, Balochistan was hit by cyclone “˜Yemyin”™ which suffered huge aftermaths. Many foreign countries and international agencies had offered help to Balochistan, but Pakistan had opposed it out rightly claiming that they have enough supplies and provisions for Balochistan. The real reason for denying the help was not because they had enough aid but was to hide the mass killings, atrocities and violation against the Balochs, Giving access to foreign aid would only reveal the utter cruelty and pathetic conditions of Balochs which the Pak government never wanted to be out.

The refugees have also disclosed that they are forced to confess that they belong to Indian RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) so they can put blame on Indian government being responsible for instigating violence in Baloch. They say they have been requesting India to support them against the Pakistan atrocities from past 70 years and had received no help.

When Narendra Modi spoke about Balochistan in his Independence Day speech, the Baloch people were so excited and began to see new hope in their mutated life. They now feel they have a voice who would raise their hapless plea in the international court of law and in United Nations. The Indian support to them came as a ray of hope, breath of air to their hope less life under Pakistanis.

We have many pseudo seculars in our country to speak about Human Rights violations in Kashmir, condemn our army, call them murderers, have they ever seen our army brutally killing innocents? raping women? Or abducting small kids? may we ask these people to spend a day in Balochistan and then experience what really Human Rights Violation and brutality is!!

It”™s time Pakistan is shown its place not just for Kashmir violence but also for our innocent brothers and sisters suffering in Balochistan for decades.

Source: Swarajya, Economic Times.

Aishwarya S

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