Who was the so called innocent man who was tied to the army jeep, know his real background!

Tailor by profession, stone pelter by passion.

Our elders say that we should proudly say what our profession is. We should not hesitate thinking what others will think of our job. But what did this innocent guy do? He hesitated to say that stone pelting is his job and he is well qualified and trained in it. His name is Farooq Ahmed Dar.

The day after a Kashmiri man was tied to the bonnet of the Army jeep in Kashmir, certain section of people were deeply disturbed. They saw human rights violation. They said Indian army violated rules by tying an innocent man to the bonnet. But they never said that the innocent man was stone pelting on the soldiers. They never said that the man was instigating the mob to be more barbaric on Indian Army. They never said that he had clear intensions of lynching the armed personnel and others present in the polling booth. They will never say it.

Since the moment the video was on internet, many went out to find out his profession. And well, they were successful in it. Farooq Ahmed Dar, a tailor by profession. I repeat he was a tailor by profession. Many mistook his profession as a stone pelter. He was supposed to have voted on 13th of April and then gone to attend a funeral in a nearby village on his bike. But he was stopped by the Indian army, severely beaten and then tied to the bonnet of the army jeep. He even claims that he voted. Well, that’s hard to believe.

Farooq, a tailor by profession claims that he had voted on 13th April.  We all know that the ink mark remains for a long duration but it was invisible on 15th. Did the Indian Army beat him so brutally that the voting ink got vanished? Farooq also claims that he was beaten severely with gun butts and wooden sticks and was tied to the bonnet in an almost unconscious state. He even claims that he survived by a miracle.

He said that it hurt him badly when he was tied to army jeep and his hands were tied behind his back. He thought he would die. A wonderfully scripted lie but he didn’t script it smartly. Now let us focus on the truth.

He said he was dying in pain as he was brutally beaten up by the army. But his facial expression says something else. His face has given a look of a thief when he was made to sit on the bonnet. He was shocked to see since when the Indian Army has become so tough on stone pelters.

Now let us look at these above pictures. Was he beaten up so severely that he didn’t even have any bruises or injury mark on his face or chest or legs except bandage on his wrist?

Dar said that his hands were tied behind his back but the above given picture says something else. Whatever Dar has claimed seems to be a pure lie. If he was brutally hit them he would have definitely showed it on camera. But he didn’t show because he wasn’t hit by the Army.

When the Army Major was given commendation letter from Indian Army Chief Rawat, Farooq Dar said that he was shattered. Let us ask him few questions?

  • Weren’t you shatter when the Azadi gang pelted stones on Indian Jawans?
  • Weren’t you shattered when his own brigade slapped and insulted our Jawans?
  • Weren’t you shattered when a 22 year old Lieutenant Umar Fayaz was murdered?

Most hilarious thing was that even Pakistan condemned of using Dar as human shield.

“Awarding Major Leetul Gogoi, who brazenly used a Kashmiri youth as a human shield, is condemnable. It is a crime and an insult to humanity,” Foreign Office spokesperson Nafees Zakaria told to media.

Pakistan treats citizens of Gilgit and Baltistan worse than animals and gives statements on India’s internal matters. Truly an inspirational nation is Pakistan.

Rajat Bhandary