I came to India after more than 1 year ; and the changes I experienced in Indian Railways left me awestruck !

Seeing is believing” – is not only a famous quote, but also a very important lesson for life. Being a student in Germany, I was away from India since more than 14 months and only went to India last month. During this period, I made a number of train trips, and the changes that I observed and personally experienced just left me awestruck. I had heard about the changes, read about them on social media, saw the changes in news, but personally experiencing all the changes was something which left me spellbound and helped me realize the great amount of work Suresh Prabhu is doing.

  1. Clean stations and regular cleaning :
    The stations, the coaches, the platforms and the tracks are now much much cleaner than ever before. The cleaning staffs were proactive at all the stations and the onboard housekeeping staffs very dedicated in all the trains I travelled. Journeys in clean trains and on clean stations made me immensely happy.
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  2. Good Food & service:
    Since my first destination was Agra, I booked a ticket on the recently launched Gatiman Express, which is the fastest train of India. Apart from being the fastest train (@ 160 km/hr), the service was one of the highest standards, with ‘train-hostesses’ serving the passengers with grace and smiles. The food was one of the best foods I had ever eaten on trains. Here are the snapshots –

    An extremely tasty, high quality and hygeinic food served on board the Gatiman Express from New Delhi to Agra.
    An extremely tasty, high quality and hygeinic food served on board the Gatiman Express from New Delhi to Agra. The train-hostesses served the food with gloves and took proper care of hygiene.
  3. Fast and Free Wifi :
    On all the major stations that I covered, be it Agra, Ujjain, New Delhi, Varanasi, Ranchi, Darbhanga, Howrah, I had access to free high speed wifi by Indian Railways which is in collaboration by Google. Hundreds of stations in India now have free wifi and I experienced the amazing wifi on the above-mentioned stations. It was a great feeling !

    I enjoyed Free and fast wifi at most of the major stations I travelled to/from.
    I enjoyed Free and fast wifi at most of the major stations I travelled to/from.
  4. WATER ATMs :
    On almost all the stations that I covered during the trip, the most striking change that I observed was the existence of IRCTC Water ATMs which dispense high quality and chilled RO water at extremely cheap prices. You can get 100 mL (1 glass) water for Re.1 and 1 litre water at just Rs 5. A campa of 5 litre capacity can be filled by just paying Rs 20.
  5. Automated Ticket Machines :
    One more very important change that I observed on many big and busy stations was the automated ticket machines. These automated ticket machines dispense general class tickets for Mail/Express and local trains. This has made buying general class tickets very convenient and saved me from a long queue at Varanasi station.atvm
  6. Grievance redressal on twitter:
    While I was waiting for my train at Mathura Junction, it was very humid and the AC was not working in the waiting room. I tweeted to the Rail Ministry and within few minutes, I got a response. Two people from electrical deptt came and also checked the AC. While two  ACs were damaged and couldn’t be immediately repaired, the response and service was prompt.

7. The Incredible Mahamana Express :
The journey in the Mahamana Express from New Delhi to Varanasi was one of the most incredible and amazing journeys I ever had. The state of the art coach with one of the best facilities one can imagine just made it special. The interiors, the facilities and the awesomeness of the Mahamana coaches cannot be described in words. Here are a couple of pictures from my journey –



I kept on travelling from one place to another and did a lot of train joruney, right from General class, Sleeper, 3AC, 2AC and 1AC. Changes were visible at the stations, in coaches, in the attitude of staffs and workers. The coaches and stations were extremely clean and the focus on service was just amazing.

Kudos Shri Suresh Prabhu for all the positive changes !!! I came to India after more than one year and personally experienced all these changes. What I only used to read in newspapers and twitters, I experienced each of them personally. Thanks for consistent work towards taking Indian Railways to the path of glory.

Kshitij Mohan