Can 2 failed students merge their marks and become toppers of the class? Sagarika Ghose makes a hilarious statement on Karnataka verdict and the Indians can’t stop laughing at her intelligence

The Congress party and the JDS are on the mission to try out an amazing strategy in order to beat the one and only single largest party in India. They are trying to combine two failed parties that have no chances of emerging anymore.

JDS and Congress are enemies turned brothers right now. These two of the parties are scared that they would be thrown out of Karnataka, and thus are trying these senseless tactics. Honourable Governor has done the right thing by inviting the largest party. They have got 15 days to prove. I really do not get what logic is Congress and JDS trying to implement even after they have lost badly? What do they want to prove by this protest, when there’s nothing left to gain on their part?

Now wait, why are we talking about this number battle again? Here’s a lady who has dared to comment on it and mocked at the only single largest party in India! Yes, it’s “The Sagarika Ghose” again.

I am amazed by your analogy. It’s simply amazing to watch how you and your husband (Rajdeep Sardesai) follow this propaganda of Anti-Indian hatred.

Yes, you are right. That is what happened in 1947! When Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel got 23 votes for Prime Ministership, it was Nehru who got mere 3 votes and still could afford to be the Prime Minister of India. This is what journalists like you and your Congress party members have been practicing since India has got Independence.

In the same class, Two more students have failed but they still argue that their combined marks are more than passing marks! What logic is this? More absurd is the demand that among lowest one should be declared first in class. More comical indeed!!

What more foolish can you get? You want those two parties who have failed terribly to add their scores and pass? Or do you want merit to back seat everywhere and introduce reservation everywhere and keep appeasing minorities and this case the parties with lower mandates?

He failed in the exam miserably. He combined his marks with another failed student and is now forcing the Examiners to pass him by hook and crook.

Utterly ridiculous and SHAMEFUL

Even though a minor secular category in India might not like policies and strategies followed by BJP, but when they watch Sagarika Ghose, Rajdeep Sardesai ranting these Anti- Modi slogans every now and then, they go and vote for BJP just to prove this couple wrong. What a bliss to watch!

Dear Congress and JDS supporters please do remember this forever and make a note of it, PM Modi isn’t that man who will spare you anyway. If you think of throwing arrows at him, he will give back in kind with interest. So mind the space or get burned.

Burn. Cry. Shout. Blubber. Wail. Scream. Sob. Dance. Yell. Whine. Complain. Squall. Moan. Groan. Shriek. Bang your head. Move upside down. Break bangles. Jump in a well or drown in a sea. BJP government has been formed in Karnataka & gone are the days when you got hefty salaries