Can you believe this? Congress kicks out Nehru’s photo and replaces it with Sardar Patel’s

The only ideology of Congress party is altering its ideology time to time

Congress is a party that lacks ideology. The only ideology of Congress party is altering its ideology time to time. Once Congress said that it is a secular party but it did all possible ways to target Hinduism. But now it has made a pseudo-turn to appease the voters of Gujarat.

It was apparent that due to Nehru’s conspiracy, Sardar Patel was denied the Prime Minister post. Now these pseudos who are seen jumping from one temple to another have done dumped the legacy of Nehru.

Look at the below tweet which shows that in a press Conference, the Congress party has dumped the picture of Nehru and replaced it with Sardar Patel’s picture.


By looking at this, a common Gujarati would thing that Sardar Patel has been respected more than that of Jawaharlal Nehru. As this is done at the times of elections, people may even vote for the Congress.

This was a trap to woe the voters of Gujarat. When several parts of Gujarat was drowning, the Congress MLAs were enjoying in the resorts in Karnataka.

Soon this was bashed by the people of India for showing such hypocrisy just to attract voters. A Twitterati rightly said that next time they may even replace it with PM Narendra Modi’s image. ‘Hahah after some time they will put Modi’.

Even though Gandhiji said to dismantle the Congress party after independence, the Congress wasn’t dismantled. Even now, the Congress is taking advantage of the work done by Mahatma Gandhi. This was really a cheap politics played by the Congress party since decades.

“Because Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel are from Gujarat. They can do anything for elections”, said aTwitterati.

Did Nehru actually blackmail Sardar Patel, like said by this Twitterati?

“Actually Nehru lost election to patel, but he black mailed Mahatma Gandhi & became 1st PM. Manipulation in Congress from beginning”, said a Twitterati.

Modi will be the brand ambassador of the Congress by the next election!!!

“By the next Gujarat election, they will have made PM Modi their brand ambassador!” This is how people mocked the hypocrisy of Congress.

Even Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi are missing from the poster!!!

“Seems they have removed also Indiraji and Rajivji? Also alleged misbehaviour not in line with Indian culture?”

Rahul Gandhi is not a leader and Congress will never get revived even though Rahul Gandhi is marketed day and night!!!

“INC India dynasty gone down to such a low level that even if anyone wants to revamp and take it to a respectable heights it will take some time. Rahul Gandhi don’t have that leadership skill and political acumen to take it that level”.

Hansika Raj