Can India Liberate Balochistan from all the Sufferings??

The Baloch Nationalist struggle is on the Khanate of Kalat, established in1666 by Mir Ahmad, Mir Nassar in 1758 accepted Afghan Paramountcy. In No.1839, British invaded Kalat & Killed Khan. The tribal area of Marr, Bugti, Khetran, chargi were under British rule, which came under the direct Administration 0f chief commissioner Province of Balochistan.
20th century Educated Baloch Middle class harbored hopes of Independent Balochistan. In 1931 they started a Movement for a Stand slit Agreement made between Pakistan & Kalat by which Pakistan shall be committed to all the responsibilities, an agreement signed by Kalat & British Government from 1839-1947—Pakistan shall be Legal, Constitutional, Political Successor of British. There were 5 Conflict periods uptill date.
Insurgencies –
The Balochi separatist were supported  with Money, Arms & Ammunition by some powerful members of Bugti tribes & Parts of Baloch Middle class. This lead to Insurgencies.
Drivers of Insurgencies –
Economic Inequality— Balochistan states were as neglected Province, Insurgency in Balochistan is a Guerilla war waged by Baloch Nationalist against the Governments of Pakistan& in Iran the Balochistan region which was rich in Natural resources like Gas, oil, coal, Copper, these were the least developed provinces in Pakistan. In Pakistan Balochistan Province, Insurgencies By Baloch Nationalist have fought in 1948,1958-59,1962-63,1973-77,n kept on going on stronger & stronger thereby leading to broader Insurgency in2003.This Insurgency gained strength with the deteriorating law & order situation in neighboring Afghanistan & Instability @ the federal level. Balochistan is one of the poorest region of Pakistan. Baloch Separatist allege that the Central Govt. of Pakistan is systematically suppressing development to keep the Balochi’s weak. Being Perennial for Pakistan’s Economic future—China has invested $46bn in the region.
Balochistan Liberation Army is designated as Terrorist organization by Pakistan  & Britain Army—is known as Balochistan Separatist group. Since 2000 it has conducted several deadly attacks on Pakistan troops, Police & civilians for its Independence.
Regional Inequalities – Extensive Road & Rail sectors developed by Britain in Northern Parts of Balochistan have brought greater Economic development to Areas mainly inhabited by Pashtuns.
Gwador –Another grievance is that of construction of Mega port of Gwador which began in 2002-leading to Employment of Chinese Engineers & Labourers, leaving Balochi’s as Unemployed.
Multicultural & Immigration Issues—Due to shortage of skilled workers in Balochistan. Skilled workers were imported from other region. Their arrival creates resentment among the locals Inhabitants from Karachi which after migrate from Balochistan, it has been a financial hub in Pakistan. Nationalists argue Multicultural & Non—Baloch immigration. Baloch Nationalist argue that migration leads to crowding & they are opposed.
People of Balochistan remain deeply resentful of Pakistan’s policies in the region. Baloch Nationalists & organization have asked for India’s support in Balochistan Independence from Pakistan. 12th August 2009, Khan of Kalat, Mr. Suleiman Dawood declared himself as ruler of Balochistan & formally made announcement of council for Balochistan. The council also includes Baloch of Iran, but does not include Afghan & other countries all separatist leaders including Brahmadugh Bugti.
Education Issues – A major factor is – Nationalist argue that not enough Educational Institution & development is taking place in that direction, & govt. has neglected its duty.
Military Responses—Balochi’s have not primarily looked on to Pakistan Army intervention in Politics, as they say that Military dominated by Punjabis, & Punjabis account to  45% of Pakistan’s population & lacking Baloch’s representation.
In the Insurgencies themselves the Military’s harsh responses has led to a spiral of violence. Islamabad’s Militarized approach has led to a spiral of violence. According to International crisis group, the attempt to crush the Insurgencies is freeing Balochistan.
Human rights Violation—In the period 2003-12 8000 people were abducted by Pakistan’s security Forces in Balochistan.
Sumi Extension &Religious representation of Zikris. There were 5000 cases of disappearance in Balochistan. Economic effects & shortage of Skilled workers & No development Agendas are the factors leading for Freeing of Balochi’s from Genocide of Pakistan.
From the Ramparts of Redfort Indian PM Narendra Modi pledged support n expressed his concern for the atrocities committed towards Balochi’s by Pakistan’s Army. He further extended support to Balochi’s that India is with them in their freedom struggle. This was a welcome initiative for the first time ever in the history of independent India who stood up for the cause of freedom of Balochi’s from the Genocide by Pakistan’s army.
Leaders in Exile like Tariq Fateh, Brahmadurgh Bugti & other Baloch’s leaders welcomed the support extended for the first time by an Indian PM, from the ramparts of Redfort on the eve of Independence Day,15th August 2016.
PM Modi exposed terror sponsored state Pakistan among the international communities by Isolating them Globally @UNGA.

Mr. Brahmadurgh Bugti has applied for Political Asylum in India, Ministry of External Affairs has also ratified the request. It’s all a Matter of time when Balochistan will be freed from the genocide by Pakistan, Paving the way for freedom of Balochistan.

Dr.S. Sukanya Iyer


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